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Tuesday=O training Grantown

Tue 13th Nov 2018

Type of event: Coaching, Night, Training, Tue=O, Urban

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Grantown WOLF 2015 map, Source:

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BASOC 2018 AGM and Chair report

The 2018 BASOC Club Champs and AGM will take place in Newtonmore Village Hall on Sun 2nd December 2018.

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What makes BASOC work and who does what?

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All volunteer run organisations have a number of people who help to keep the club functioning. In BASOC we have four named and elected committee posts - Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Junior Rep. There are other elected committee members - they do not have designated roles.

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Committee Meeting Minutes

Find out what the committee have been talking about.

Minutes of the meeting on Sep 24th 2018

The next committee meeting will be in Aviemore on Wed 7th November at 6pm to 8pm.

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eNews, October 2018

October is a lovely month - great orienteering in colourful forests, the start of using head torches on Tuesday evenings and holiday time for some. What opportunities are coming up and what has been happening?

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Prevention first

We all enjoy orienteering ‘off path’, venturing into areas where there is undergrowth – and there the ticks are lurking, seeking out anything warm-blooded! A tick bite can cause moderate to severe health issues through the transfer of a whole host of things (viruses, bacteria, parasites, poison).

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Lakes 5 Days report

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By Kat McGougan

The Lakes 5-Days is a multi-day event held every four years down in the Lake District. This year Mum and I decided to head down for a week and give it a go! I’d previously spent a weekend training in the Lakes last November and so was excited for the five races.

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