Achlean ROMP training

Team BASOC, Source:

6 BASOC and 3 Moravian orienteers slipped and slid up past Uath Lochans to Achlean. Those with 'dobs' on their feet walked casually around the cars, those without resembled 'bambi on ice'. 

03rd Jan 18

Once in the forest the wind abated, the snow showers were minimal and the contour navigation required concentration. There was no ice underfoot either.
What a wonderful area to experiment with navigating by contours. It really helps to build up your confidence with using contours as the main naviagtional tool.
​The controls will be out for quite a while (until sometime in February) so get up there and play with contours.
There was also one 'runner' with us - who discovered that a bridge on the O. S. map was no longer there, but the plaque was! He retreated as wading the stream was uninviting.

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