BASOC 2018 AGM and Chair report

The 2018 BASOC Club Champs and AGM will take place in Newtonmore Village Hall on Sun 2nd December 2018.

08th Nov 18

The AGM will start at approximately 1:15pm.


  1. Opening remarks
  2. Apologies. Please send apologies to the BASOC Secretary Jane Cox; the email is .
  3. Minutes of the BASOC AGM 2017.
    Matters arising.
    Acceptance of minutes.
  4. Amendments to Constitution: view the BASOC Constitution.
    Please send any notices of motions affecting the constitution (signed digitally by the proposer and seconder) to the Secretary in writing 14 days before the date of the AGM (which is 18th November 2018). The Secretary is Jane Cox; the email is .
  5. Chair’s report; this is below the Agenda.
  6. Treasurer’s report, including BASOC club membership fees for 2020 (current: Junior = free; Senior = £5).
  7. BASOC plans for 2019 and beyond.
  8. Election of Office Bearers: please consider standing for the committee, the more who are able to help a bit the easier it is.
    There are also non-committee volunteer roles available, please talk to Hilary Quick if you are interested in offering help with any of these. All volunteer roles are here.
  9. AOCB.
  10. Closing remarks.

BASOC Chair Report 2018

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank James and Jess for their input to BASOC; in their time with the club they were both very active in developing the sport of orienteering in Badenoch and Strathspey, ensuring that BASOC had a high profile in the community. The legacy they left for BASOC meant that the club had a solid foundation to operate from.

Looking back at 2018

With the sudden departure of James and Jess, I was asked to step into the role of chair for the club and this move was sanctioned by the committee. It quickly became apparent that no one could hope to take on the tasks they had fulfilled so the first thing to do was to try to ensure these tasks were done by a number of club members. Role descriptors were written, volunteers came forward and took on the responsibilities, thanks to all for this and your work throughout the year.  

2018 was also the opportunity to consolidate within BASOC; it had already been decided that the club would hold a WOLF SOL in the autumn and that this would be a ‘WOLF Light’ – just a single event which took place at Dunachtonmore in September. BASOC also held a Local event at Loch Vaa in February as well as staging the Moray & Highland Junior Champs in June; at the very start of the year we hosted the final round of the Northern Night Cup in Aviemore with the courses planned by two of the junior members of the club.

Thank you to all who took on event roles (organiser, planner, controller) at these events. Some members new to planning and organising undertook roles with mentor support. This development of volunteers and ‘officials’ is vital to the club - without events where can we put into effect the training we do? BASOC members also take on roles (especially controller roles in 2018) for other clubs and thus contribute to the sport in Scotland.

BASOC have had some trips away; a small team headed for the central belt for the CompassSport Trophy qualifier in March. In May we had great representation at the British Champs on Royal Deeside (individual was at Balmoral – and a few members also appeared on the Adventure Show) and then the following weekend in Moray for the Scottish Champs. These trips away provide valuable time for social interaction with club members. Junior members have also been successful with selection for ScotJOS, with a summer camp in Sweden and selection for Scottish representation.

Every Tuesday BASOC are to be found somewhere! Hilary Quick has been proactive in encouraging a range of people to host a Tuesday and this has led to a variety of activities. Without someone driving this and having an overview of the programme it would not provide the stimulating training we have – thank you Hilary.

BASOC have achieved a few things this year; for our performance at the Scottish Individual Champs we were awarded the ‘Scottish Small Clubs Trophy’. We also achieved the Scottish Orienteering Bronze Accreditation and are well on the way towards the Silver Accreditation.

There is also a new BASOC Equipment Store! By the time of the AGM it will be more or less fully functional. Thank you to all the volunteers who made this happen.

Finally, in reflecting on 2018, the committee have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to support and develop the club. As well as meetings this has often involved committee members representing BASOC in a variety of roles locally and ensuring that the profile of the club is raised.

Looking forward to 2019 and beyond

As part of the strategy planning for the club, the committee have decided to work on a two year cycle. This to enable volunteer development - and help to fend off volunteer fatigue.

  • Odd’ numbered years are when the club will concentrate on developing the sport locally. A plan is in place for 2019:
  • 6 Local events (as well as providing competitive opportunities locally for all, these will be a stepping stone for volunteers to develop their event skills of planning and organising).
  • Introducing orienteering within targeted communities. Work has started on this in partnership with Active Schools.
  • Establishing links between club members and newcomers, ensuring that the newcomers are always welcomed to club activities and events and that there is a link person for them within the club.
  • Odd’ numbered years are also when there is a 6 Day Event of orienteering in Scotland. Club members will be encouraged to put themselves forward for major roles in this (in 2019 Duncan Francis is a planner for Day 3 while Jo Cumming is an organiser). This is valuable development of officials. Club members will also be encouraged to go and compete over the 6 days.
  • Even’ numbered years are for a WOLF, with three events (Middle, Sprint, SOL) and maybe a ceilidh. This requires a large input from club volunteers with some taking on major roles (WOLF coordinator, planner, organiser) and the rest of the membership supporting these volunteers with help at the events over the weekend. WOLF weekends are a major source of funding for the club, allowing us to update equipment (it does wear out), map new areas and update existing maps, support our juniors with their travelling when selected for Scotland and so on.
  • There will still be some Local events planned and rounds of the Northern Night Cup in the ‘even’ years.

Every year:

  • Tuesday=O will still happen throughout the year.
  • Socials will be important – a bowl of soup and some bread and the opportunity to chat to one another.
  • The Club Captain will be encouraging members to go to various events.
  • BASOC kit will feature locally, nationally and throughout the wider world!

Thank you to all club members for their support during the transition and consolidation year of 2018. Many of you have taken the attitude “What can I do for BASOC?” and I hope that this continues for the future – the little bits we can all do add up to helping BASOC be a vibrant orienteering club in Badenoch & Strathspey.

Lynne Walker
BASOC Chair 2018
8th November 2018

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