Ellan Wood

Northern Night Cup

Race 2 in the Northern Night Cup series.

Wed 07th Dec 2016

Type of event: Local Race-(D), Night, Northern Night Cup
Type of terrain: Forest
Info updated: 31st May


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Event Report

Long Course combined

See the above result sand splits for the split times.

Pos Surname Forename Age Class Club Tme
1st Petersen Johannes M35 BASOC 00:37:13
2nd Tullie Jessica W21 BASOC 00:40:49
3rd Campbell Daniel M14 MOR 00:41:11
4th Todd Finlay M18 INVOC 00:46:39
5th Chapman Ade M50 MOR 00:46:55
6th Hanson Jake M21 INVOC 00:49:52
7th McLeod Marsela W50 INVOC 00:50:02
8th Keith Megan W14 INVOC 00:51:15
9th Shepherd Iain M50 INVOC 00:51:59
10th Frost Paul M55 BASOC 00:52:11
11th Harwood Eddie M60 MOR 00:55:35
12th Campbell Alison W21 BASOC 00:55:54
13th Weir Mairi W16 MOR 00:56:07
14th Keith Alec M50 INVOC 00:57:19
15th Holliday Kevin M45 INVOC 00:59:06
16th Hornby Rupert M50 MOR 01:02:40
17th Pottie Jane W21 BASOC 01:09:21
18th Borrowman Dagmar W40 INVOC 01:13:58
19th Thompson Phill M65 MOR 01:25:39
DNF Barr Kathryn W18 MOR 00:48:06

Pre Event Info


See also rule for “Juniors” below. We know these issues can be contentious! We have tried hard to draft rules that are inclusive, safe and fair. If you have any comments we are keen to hear them. Anyone is welcome to run in pairs or be “shadowed” on any course. Everyone in the group / pair must however declare themselves “non-competitive” to the organiser when you turn up on the night. Your time will appear as normal in the results but you will not score points in the overall league.
Some adults may want to shadow a junior on one course and subsequently have their own run alone on a longer course. This is fine (provided you are fit enough to get round before the last start / courses close time!) but again please declare yourself “non-competitive” to the organiser so that you will not score points in the overall league as you will have gained a competitive advantage by running round the short course.


Juniors are warmly welcomed at all events. Parents should however be aware that winter night orienteering can be a serious undertaking. Therefore juniors who have not turned 14 on the day of the event must run together with an adult. Any parent wishing to gain exemption from this rule is welcome to provide evidence of their child’s competence at night orienteering to the Organiser of each event. This is in keeping with British Orienteering Rule 5.2.4. Juniors over the age of 14 are welcome to run unsupervised, provided their parents are happy for them to do so.


Spare torch & whistles strongly recommended at all events. Random kit checks may take place. An extra top layer and high-vis reflective clothing may also be sensible choices. Headtorches from our sponsor BrightBikeLights.com will be available for testing & for sale at all events, with a 10% discount.

Missing cut off times. Failure to return by the 8pm cutoff causes safety problems and inconvenience. We appreciate that this sometimes occurs accidentally. Nonetheless the Series Organiser reserves the right to ask any competitor who misses the 8pm cutoff to enter a shorter course or to start nearer 6pm at subsequent Northern Night Cup events.



Directions / Parking

Park in the main carpark in the middle of Carrbridge. Signed off the main road - on the left if you are heading south towards Aviemore. 

Registration/Assembly is in the village hall just diagonally across the road from the carpark.

Registration, Start & Finish

Registration from 5:45pm.
Starts from 6 – 7pm, courses close 8pm

Start is only a 5min walk from the hall. Please follow the tapes. 

The finish is even closer to the hall.

There will be a photographer out on the course & you may notice flash photography.

Course Information

There are loose descriptions available.

**Map scale is 1:5000**

The long course only will have a double-sided map.


Short – 2km / 9 controls - Night TD3, estimated winning time 20 minutes for a M/W14 or novice adult.

Medium – 2.6km / 16 controls-  Night TD4-5, estimated winning time 30 minutes for a W50/M60.

Long – 4km / 23 controls - Night TD5, estimated winning time 30 minutes for a M/W 21/35.

**Note there are two versions of the long course A & B because there is a butterfly loop. You will be randomly assigned onto one or the other and also given appropriate loose descriptions (if you want them). You must do the butterfly controls in the right order!!**

Explanation of colour courses

  • White are very easy with all controls on paths. They are mainly used by 6-10 year olds and family groups.
  • Yellow use simple linear features like paths, walls and streams. They are mainly used by under 12’s and family groups.
  • Orange progress to basic use of the compass and route choice. They are ideal for novice adults or experienced youngsters.
  • Light Green are ideal for improvers as the navigational difficulty begins to increase and uses simple contours and point features.
  • Green are used mostly by experienced under 18’s and adults wanting a short but challenging course with a very hard navigational difficulty.
  • Blue are a longer, more physically demanding course in comparison to the green. The distances are more varied between controls and the course attracts experienced orienteers.
  • Brown & Black are very physically demanding and have a very hard navigational difficulty. They are for experienced orienteers only.
  • Score means visiting as many controls as possible in any order in a specific time, like 45mins.

Entry Details

** We have printed enough maps based on numbers for round 1 plus a few extra so we should have plenty for entry on the nights though we can't 100% gaurantee this**


On the day and online

We encourage you to enter online and doing so will guarantee there will be a map for your choice of course. No payment will be collected by oentries, you just pay on arrival at the event.

By having this information in advance we can more accurately judge how many maps to print and it makes producing the results easier and quicker. If you don't already have an oentries account it only takes minutes to set one up and will then save you time entering events in the future.

Enter now via oentries.com

Orienteering club members

Senior: £6.00
Junior: £3.00

Non club members

Senior: £7.00
Junior: £4.00

Hired timing chips (Si-Cards, dibbers)

We provide a free loan of these if you don't have your own, but if you loose it there will be a £30 charge for it's replacement.

Terrain Description

Ellan wood is a mature scots pine forest with nice contour detail. Being so close to the village it has a good path network throughout.


Village Hall assembly with toliets and soup/cakes for after your run.

Dogs allowed?

Dog OK on leads

Contacts / Officials

Planner - Steve Barrett

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.


Please note that if you have competed in three orienteering events and not joined an orienteering club that is a member of British Orienteering then you are not covered by our public liability insurance.

Medical Conditions

You have the option of downloading and completing this Medical form. It could be life saving if the organisers are aware of any existing medical conditions in the event of an incident. You can leave it at registration/enquires in a sealed envelope that will only be opened if required and destroyed after the event.


When entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports.
Read our privacy policy to see how we look after your personal data.