Run Wild Woods Tue=O

Run Wild Woods Tue=O

Last edited: Fri 6 May 2022

Tuesday training - everyone is welcome at our low-key local orienteering every week - but you must pre-register to get the map.

Course information

Technical training suitable for adults and older juniors. We can cater for inexperienced youngsters if we know in advance that you want to come - please email Hilary Q via the Contacts page. Beginner adults are welcome, we'll buddy you up with experienced members for your first few tries.

Entry Details

Pre-register by email to Hilary Quick - see Contacts page.

For members, there is no charge and you print your own map. If you can't print your own map, please say and we can get one printed for you, in exchange for a small donation. Non-members are invited to show their appreciation of the session by making a donation to club funds.

Callum is planning sessions for May, on 10th we'll be at Auchernack, which is on the B970 between Nethybridge and Grantown; detail will be in the email. If you want to come and haven't received the email (with link to map) by the Tuesday morning, please email Hilary Quick.

Registration and start times

For evening training the normal start time is 6:30; please arrive in time for a short briefing before you set off for your run.

From April we can enjoy the daylight for our evening orienteering, though that is often accompanied by midges and ticks. Please bring your own repellent (midge spray on leggings also deters ticks) and check yourself for ticks afterwards, they're nasty blighters.



Please pre-register everyone who wants to come to any Tuesday evening session. To do this, simply email Hilary Q (direct or via the Contacts page). I will then send you a link to the PDF and you will print your own map. If you can't print your own for whatever reason, please say when you pre-register, and we can get one printed for you, in exchange for a donation of £1 - £2.

Do not come if you or anyone in your household feel unwell or have any Covid-19 symptoms (well documented elsewhere). Also, do not attend if you or anyone in your household have been told to isolate or quarantine. People in higher risk categories should be aware that meeting a group of people does increase the possibility of them becoming infected. Of course we hope that everyone will be vaccinated, but would remind you that even when you've had both shots and your booster, you should still keep your distance and follow the proper hygiene measures.

The fact that orienteering is an outdoor sport where we disperse across the area is very much in our favour, and we know the social aspect is important to the club but we urge you to keep your distance, even outdoors.

Please bring your own "comfort kit" - midge repellent, tick remover, sticking plasters and anything else that you might occasionally borrow from others. First aid will be provided only in extreme circumstances.

Out of respect for your clubmates, please inform Hilary Q if you become ill or test positive for Covid-19 within a few days of attending a club session, or if you are told you had been in contact with an infected person and could have passed the virus on within a timescale that includes a club session. Of course we will respect your anonymity, but this gives others the option to make more informed choice. If your contact details have changed in the past few months, please let me know.