WOLF - Inshriach

Compasspoint SOL 5 & VHI Individual

BASOC welcomes you to Inshriach - don't miss your chance to race on one of the best areas in the UK.

Sun 24th Sep 2017

Type of event: Regional Race-(B)
Type of terrain: Forest
Info updated: 25th Sep


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Pre Event Info

Start list as web pages

Start list in Google sheets allows re-sorting

Important Information

Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) is currently carrying out forestry operations adjacent to the competition area and the car-parking field.  We do not expect any active operations during the Event, but be mindful that there may be areas of recently felled timber, timber stacks, and static heavy plant machinery; please supervise children around these areas.

If weather conditions are suitable, Cairngorm Gliding Club will be operating from the small airfield adjacent to the Car Park.  As part of the Parking Field is aligned with the centre-line of the runway, and the towing aircraft will overfly with towing hawser attached when landing, a safety corridor will be marked with black/yellow tape as Out of Bounds (OOB).   If you’d like to go and watch the gliding close up, you’re more than welcome to walk to the gliding field – head for the small green caravan.

The Competition Area is open to the Public; please adhere to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (SOAC) and be respectful of other users.

The Artificial Ski-slope, Low Ropes area, Dipping Pond, and River Feshie (steep bank) adjacent to Lagganlia are OOB (marked with yellow/back tape).

In the event of cancellation, a notice will be posted on www.scottish-orienteering.org and www.basoc.org.uk. The Organising Team reserve the right to retain all or part of the entry fee to cover any costs associated with the Event.

Electronic Punching

SI dibber (contact) punching on all courses.  Use the pin-punch to mark your map if there is a problem with an SI box.

Control Site Layout

It has not been possible to comply fully with BO Rule 23.4 "For level A and B events, the layout of the control banner, control code and punching stations must be the same for all control sites" There will be two types of stake in use at this event, with model controls available to view at registration.


Parents may shadow on the White and Yellow courses, but are reminded they should declare at Registration if they are actually helping a junior competitor, as opposed to following.  Assisted juniors are competitive in their colour course (e.g. White) but not in age class (e.g. W10B)

If you are the ‘shadower’ then you must have completed your own race before undertaking any shadowing.

String Course

There will be a string course located adjacent to the Assembly Area at Lagganlia Outdoor Centre.

Safety & Medical Information

A risk assessment has been carried out, but competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the Event.  Cagoules may be compulsory for competitors in poor weather, in which case signs will be displayed at Information/Registration.  Competitors are advised to carry a whistle.

Key-drop available at Information. Solo travellers please complete an envelope with details to identify your car should you be late back.

The route from the Car Park to Lagganlia crosses the minor road; the crossing point will be marshalled and a safe route to the Assembly Area will be taped.  This route is not suitable for prams/buggies, so they may have to be taken along the road for a short distance.  Please proceed with care.

The routes from the Assembly Area to the Start, and from the Finish to Assembly, cross the minor road. The single crossing point will be marshalled and must be adhered to; safe routes to/from Start and Finish will be taped.  All competitors must take the taped route from the Car Park, via Assembly, to reach the Start.

First Aid

First Aid will be provided by Avium Ltd; the First Aid Point will be at Assembly.

The nearest hospital with full Accident & Emergency (A&E) cover is:

Raigmore Hospital, Old Perth Road, Inverness.IV2 3UJ.  Tel. (01463) 704000

Aviemore Medical Centre has a Casualty Service; this is not a drop-in facility out of hours – call NHS24 (111), or (01479) 810258 for advice before attending.


There are ticks in the forest; please wear full leg cover, and check thoroughly for ticks after your run, and be aware of the symptoms of Lyme Disease.

Medical Conditions

If you have an underlying medical condition, you have the option of completing a medical form (available at Information).  It could be life-saving if the Organisers are aware of any existing medical conditions in the event of an incident. You can leave it at Registration/Information in a sealed envelope that will only be opened if required, and destroyed after the event.


Our thanks go to the Forestry Commission Scotland for permission to use Inshriach, Alvie Estate for use of the parking field, and Lagganlia Outdoor Centre for hosting VHI competitors and the Event Centre.

We are also grateful for the huge effort from the ‘Friends of Lagganlia’.

Thanks to all our volunteer helpers, especially those from other clubs who have helped us put on this event.



Directions / Parking

The Event will be signposted from the B970 at Feshiebridge (Grid Ref. NH 852 044), approximately 1 mile east of Loch Insh Watersports Centre and 5.5 miles southwest of Rothiemurchus.  Entry is via the minor road to Achlean.  Exit is via the same route.

Parking is in a field just beyond the Lagganlia Outdoor Centre, to the east of the minor road.  A one-way entry/exit time system to and from the car park will be in operation;car park open to competitors from 0830, no exit before 12:30.  Parking charge is included in Entry fee.

Parking for VHI competitors only will be at Lagganlia, as they are being accommodated at the Centre.  VHI competitors must enter/exit the Lagganlia car park by the taped route so as to avoid pedestrian areas of the Assembly. 

There is no public transport to the event.

Registration, Start & Finish

Assembly is at the Lagganlia Outdoor Centre, approximately 400m (10 minute walk) from the car parking field.

Registration is indoors at Lagganlia Centre. Open from 09:00 to 12:00 for dibber hire, EOD, Information, and issue of White & Yellow Course maps.

There is one Start for all courses; 1.3km from Assembly through flat open woodland, and including a marshalled road-crossing. Allow 30 minutes to walk or 15 minutes to jog.  The route is not suitable for buggies/prams. Once again: White & Yellow maps are handed out at Registration.

All competitors, including those that are pre-registered, must follow taped routes via Assembly to the Start.

VHI start times 0900 - 1000

Non-VHI start times 1000 - 1230

VHI Prizegiving 1230

Courses close 1430

Start times are available at Registration/Information and at the Start.

Competitors who miss their allocated Start-time must wait until the Starter finds an available slot complying with Competition Rules.

Start procedure is a -4 minute call-up and punching start.

All courses finish approximately 750m from Assembly/download.  All competitors must follow the taped route back through open woodland to the marshalled road crossing used on the way to the Start.  Please download as soon as possible after finishing.

All competitors MUST download after finishing, whether or not the course was completed.

Course Information

Course Length (km) Height gain (m)
White 1.8 50
Yellow 2.3 85
Orange 3.1 110
Long Orange 5.6 150
Light Green 3.5 150
Very Short Green 2.7 75
Short Green 3.7 125
Green 4.6 155
Short Blue 5.3 200
Blue 6.4 220
Short Brown 7.1 225
Brown 8.7 260
Black 11.3 350

Explanation of colour courses

  • White are very easy with all controls on paths. They are mainly used by 6-10 year olds and family groups.
  • Yellow use simple linear features like paths, walls and streams. They are mainly used by under 12’s and family groups.
  • Orange progress to basic use of the compass and route choice. They are ideal for novice adults or experienced youngsters.
  • Light Green are ideal for improvers as the navigational difficulty begins to increase and uses simple contours and point features.
  • Green are used mostly by experienced under 18’s and adults wanting a short but challenging course with a very hard navigational difficulty.
  • Blue are a longer, more physically demanding course in comparison to the green. The distances are more varied between controls and the course attracts experienced orienteers.
  • Brown & Black are very physically demanding and have a very hard navigational difficulty. They are for experienced orienteers only.
  • Score means visiting as many controls as possible in any order in a specific time, like 45mins.

Entry Details

For 2017 we are pleased to host this event in conjunction with Lagganlia Centre for Outdoor Learning. We encourage all competitors to come and enjoy a full day out - there'll be excellent home-made catering, indoor facilities, live results & prizegiving. Entry fees are slightly increased from 2016 in order to bring you this excellent event centre.

Entry Fees
Entry Type Fee (£) Entry on the Day (£)
Adult member of British Orienteering / SOA Club 15 18
Junior / Student member of BO / SOA Club 7 10
Adult non-member 17 20
Junior / Student non-member 9 12
Adult on White, Yellow, Orange or Light Green As per junior entry fees As per junior entry fees

There will be no charge for hire of SI cards.

Limited entry on the day subject to map availability.

Hired timing chips (Si-Cards, dibbers)

We provide a free loan of these if you don't have your own, but if you loose it there will be a £30 charge for it's replacement.

Terrain Description

Yellow/black taped crag on Black and Brown Courses.

Rough but mostly runnable forest, some of which has been recently thinned. Extraction lanes created in the thinning operations are not shown on the map.  This particularly affects the area near the start.  

The medium and longer courses cross some areas of recent clear felling that is rough and slow running.   All the longer courses cross rough open land in a shallow valley between forest areas - any runnable forest nearby is likely to be faster than the open ground. 

Scale for Black & Brown courses 1:15,000 & for all other courses 1:10,000. Contour interval 5m. Maps updated August 2017 for this event. Map preview here (previous map version). 


Enquiries and Registration
First Aid
Compass Point
Download and Results
String Course
Toilets in the building (please remove muddy shoes), and portaloos in the grounds. Additional portaloos at the car park.
‘Friends of Lagganlia’ will be selling filled rolls and soup

Dogs allowed?

Dogs in the car park must remain in your car.  Strictly no dogs in Lagganlia grounds.

Contacts / Officials

Planner - Gavin Miles

Controller - Gareth Bryan-Jones

Organisers - Jane Cox & Hilary Quick

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.


Please note that if you have competed in three orienteering events and not joined an orienteering club that is a member of British Orienteering then you are not covered by our public liability insurance.

Medical Conditions

You have the option of downloading and completing this Medical form. It could be life saving if the organisers are aware of any existing medical conditions in the event of an incident. You can leave it at registration/enquires in a sealed envelope that will only be opened if required and destroyed after the event.


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