Jamie Stevenson Trophy Rules

Last Updated: Wed 22 May 2019

SOA has revised the JST Rules (21 May 2019), and the updated version will soon be posted on the Scottish Orienteering website. Here is the revised edition:

The Jamie Stevenson Trophy provides an inter-club competition for junior orienteers. Competition is based on the English Yvette Baker trophy, for which more details can be found on the BOF website.

Latest revisions to this document:

+ May 2019 - Allow single Men & Women courses; clarify pairs scoring.

+ April 2019 - Document formatting updated.

+ April 2015 - Full update.


    1. All Scottish (open or closed) clubs are eligible to compete.
    2. The competition is open to juniors (M/W18 and under). Competitors must be members of the club for which they are competing, either individually, or through family or group.
    3. Courses used are Yellow, Orange, Light Green and Green. Men and women are scored separately on all 4 courses, giving 8 classes. Separate courses for men and women may be required where the anticipated entry cannot fit within the start-time window, with a minimum of 4 minutes between competitors from the same club.


    1. Course Eligibility: Responsibility for entering competitors on the correct course lies with the entering club. Eligibility for each course is defined as follows:
      - Green: any junior (M/18 or under)
      - Light Green: Any M/W 14 or under, plus any M/W 16 or 18 for whom this is the course that they have been running in the current year at Level A, B or C events.
      - Orange: any M/W12 or under, plus any M/W14 for whom this is the course that they have been running in the current year at Level A, B or C events.
      - Yellow: any M/W10, plus any M/W12 for whom this is the course that they have been running in the current year at Level A, B or C events.
      - Pairs may compete on the Yellow and Orange courses. As a minimum requirement, neither member of the pair may have achieved a Gold standard (that is within winner’s time plus 25%) in any class in the current calendar year, nor at the colour they are competing on (or a higher colour). However, it is expected that clubs will only want to run pairs to enable novices to participate, and that clubs will observe the spirit of this rule. Shadowing by adults is not allowed. A mixed man/woman pair are scored within the respective men's class. - Competitors from the same club on the same course must start at least 4 minutes apart.

    2. Scoring in all classes will be 100-99-98 etc. All eligible juniors from competing clubs score points.

    3. Each club counts its 6 best scores from across all 8 classes to produce its total points, with a maximum of 4 counters on any one course (i.e. Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Green), and a maximum of 3 counters in any one class (e.g. Yellow boys, Orange girls).

    4. Where clubs finish on equal points, positions will be differentiated by looking at the scores of the 7th best eligible counter for each team, then if needed, the 8th best, 9th best and so on.

    Published by Hilary Quick