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Last Updated: Fri 17 Nov 2023

You do not need to be a member of a club to participate in orienteering, but joining Badenoch & Strathspey Orienteering Club brings many benefits.

Member Benefits

When you join BASOC, Scottish Orienteering and British Orienteering you join a group of friendly individuals who enjoy being active outdoors; member benefits include:

We are now offering two different membership options depending on how you prefer to orienteer and what suits you best.

You can join or renew at any point during the year, online at the links below.

NB Membership structures are currently under review - please hold off until after 10 December 2023 to join!

The membership year runs 1st January - 31st December, but if you join after 1st November your membership will run until the end of the following year.

Please note that in normal times you don't need to be a club member to try out your first few sessions or events, as a beginner.

Full British Orienteering membership

This includes membership of the club, Scottish Orienteering and British Orienteering.
Best suited to those who want to take part in orienteering events across Scotland, the UK, and potentially internationally. You can take on any club, event official or coaching role.

Senior – aged 21 or older on 31 Dec of the membership year - £30.00
Junior – aged 20 or younger on 31 Dec of the membership year - £7.00

Membership and Renewals are administered by British Orienteering on our behalf.

JOIN British Orienteering NOW This takes you to the British Orienteering website to complete the online form. The club and association will be be pre-filled using this link, you just need to add your personal details.

Scottish Orienteering membership only

This includes membership of the club and Scottish Orienteering.
Best suited to those who only wish to orienteer in their local region of Scotland. There are some limitations on entering some larger competitions and taking on coaching and official roles.

Senior – aged 21 or older on 31 Dec of the membership year - £15.00
Junior – aged 20 or younger on 31 Dec of the membership year - £2.00

JOIN Scottish Orienteering NOW This takes you to SiEntries.

You will need to register with SiEntries at the link above, or give your SiEntries ID if you already have one, and then add your membership(s).

Data protection

British & Scottish Orienteering will, when asked, provide details relevant to your membership to your Club and/or Association. British & Scottish Orienteering also shares details with online entry providers, event results providers and with Data Processing Agencies working on behalf of British & Scottish Orienteering. All such bodies to which your information is provided are required to sign a data sharing agreement with British & Scottish Orienteering regulating the manner in which the privacy of your details is protected. Under no circumstances will British & Scottish Orienteering provide your contact details to other external organisations. If you do not agree to British & Scottish Orienteering using your membership’s details in this way please contact the National Office.

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