SOL JHI and all that stuff

Last Updated: Mon 18 Apr 2022

A brief explanation of some acronyms

We keep referring to our event on 9 October as the "SOL/JHI", so we thought a brief explanation might be in order.

The Scottish Orienteering League (SOL) is sponsored by Compass Point, retail outlet for all your orienteering needs. The league provides a series of high quality events throughout Scotland’s countryside. High quality venues, maps and quality courses are the key aims and each of the annual 7 events is organised and hosted by a different Scottish club. Full details are on this page of the SOA website.

The Junior Home International (JHI) is a weekend competition hosted in turn by the 4 home nations (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England), with a relay event on the Saturday and the individual event on the Sunday. Points awarded for positions in each class (age group for M and W) are totalled to decide the overall winning team. The Scotland team is selected by a panel on behalf of Scottish Orienteering, taking account of results from a set of selection races announced each year. Eligibility criteria include being born in Scotland, or with a parent born in Scotland, or being resident in Scotland for more than a year. The JHI is for the 14-18 years age range; other events incorporate the SHI (Senior HI - for the 20+ ages) and the VHI (Veterans' HI - for ages 35+). BASOC members have represented Scotland at all levels for many years.

Our event will also incorporate one round of the Scottish Junior Cup (SJC), a league-based competition for age classes 12, 14, 16 and 18, with options for less experienced juniors to run in a younger age class. Overall league positions will be based on the results from all 3 events.

This combination of competitions within one event makes for interesting challenges for planners and organisers, but gives us a wonderfully junior-focussed event. There's more about competitions specifically for juniors on the SOA website.

Published by Hilary Quick