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Sportident Coupling Stick

Sportident Coupling Stick

Last Updated: Thu 13 Sep 2018

Details of the SPORTident electronic timing kit we own and how to use it.

The Kit we have

40 control stations, numbered 100 - 139
2 each of Start & Finish stations
2 Clear, which doubles as an SI-Master station
2 Printers and their Download boxs (BS7-Print station)

2 each of the following purple cards:

Service Off - switch on and off SI-stations or to switch them into service mode
Clear Backup - clear any stations backup memory
Print Results - to print results (use with printout station)
Start - instruction card to store the mass start time into printout station

2 Coupling sticks - used to connect 2 stations together

40 SI-Cards, 2049701 - 2049720 & 2059601 - 2059620


The SPORTident stations are “always on” and typically in a standby mode. They are fully activated with the first SI-card inserted into a station. The SI-stations must be used in the following order:

  1. Clear: The data from the previous usage of the SI-card will be cleared, takes about 4 seconds
  2. Start: With the punch in the “Start”-station the competition-time starts. If the SI-card is not cleared correctly, no start-signal will be emitted.
  3. Control stations: With the punch in the control station the control number and the time is stored on the SI-card (the control numbers can be in any order).
  4. Finish: With the finish-punch the competition-time ends.

SPORTident-stations fall back into standby mode automatically after 30 minutes.


Connect the printer to the BS7-Print station using the black and grey cables.

Use the purple “Clear backup” card to erase the memory of previous events BEFORE each event.

Insert the competitors SI-card and wait till it beeps, it will print the split times for that card.

After all runners splits have been printed insert the purple “Print results” card till it beeps, it will now print the results in order per course (it will automatically match all competitors with the same punched control sequence).


The printer has a rechargable battery, so remember to charge it up prior to each use. It can take several hours, so leave it plugged in overnight.

The stations internal clocks need to be synchronised before every important event or every month (whichever comes sooner) using the blue SI-Master station (this also doubles as the “Clear” station).

  1. Insert the purple card marked “Service/Off” into the blue SI-Master station, the display will cycle through its 3 modes of use. The third one “EXT MA” is the one you want, remove the card when it appears.
  2. Insert the black coupling stick with the thin end sticking out the bottom.
  3. Place the SI-Master station on top of a control station, after a few seconds it will beep twice, the time has been synchronised.

When all the stations have been done, including the Start, Finish and Print stations, insert the Purple “Service/Off” card into each one (including the SI-master) until it beeps, this switches them off and conserves the batteries. The LCD display goes off when they are off.

Mass starts

A "start" - punch in the Printout station initiates a common start time (mass start) for all SI-Cards read-in afterwards. However if there is a start punch in the SI-Card too, this punch will be used for time computation instead. After the event the mass start time must be cleared with the instruction card "Clear backup".

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Sportident Kit

Sportident Kit

Sportident Printing

Sportident Printing

Sportident Purple Card

Sportident Purple Card

Sportident Time Sync Controls

Sportident Time Sync Controls