What makes BASOC work and who does what?

Team Basoc

Team Basoc

Last Updated: Thu 17 Feb 2022

All volunteer run organisations have a number of people who help to keep the club functioning. As BASOC is a SCIO, we have a Board of Trustees including three official roles - Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. There are other elected Trustees who don't necessarily have specific roles.

Although many of the main roles are covered by Trustees, that's not the case for all of them. The club is fortunate in that people do volunteer to take on roles, thank you to all for this. As a club we should ensure that volunteers are appreciated for their contributions and that everyone's experience of volunteering is a positive one. Everyone is able to do something, but we all want to know what we are committing to. To help with this, the club has written 'Role descriptions' for all the things which need to be done. As part of this there is a rough estimate of the time you would be donating to the club.

The list of all roles and what is involved is reviewed at least every year, so that it shows what is actually done and how the whole club "machine" works together.

One other point to remember - BASOC has many experienced people who are always there to advise and mentor volunteers, please just ask!

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