AGM 2017 Minutes

Posted: Tue 5 Dec 2017

Minutes of the 2017 AGM are now availble along with the Chairs report complete with photos.

Download the AGM minutes as a Word doc

The Chair's report, a photographic review of the year.

Present: James Tullie (Chairman), Peter Lamb (Treasurer), Jane Cox (JC) (Secretary), Steve Barrett, Jo Cumming, Paul Frost, Leslie Gorman, Ian Hall, Adrian Hope, Issie Inglis, Marion MacCormack (MM), Johannes & Anna Petersen, Hilary Quick (HQ), Hilary Scott (HS), Lynne Walker (LW).

Apologies: Jess Tullie (Development), Kat McGougan (Junior Rep), Judy Ballard, Terry Ballard, Anna Cox, Izzy Cox, Mark Cox, Gemma Karatay, Mehmet Karatay, Alice Kemsley, Clare Kemsley, Callum Scott.






Chairman’s Opening Remarks

The Chair welcomed everyone to the Meeting, and announced the winner of the SCORE Handicap Competition to be Adrian Hope.



Apologies for absence were recorded.


Amendments to the Constitution

The new category of membership (SOA and Club) requires a small amendment to the Constitution as follows:

Para 3(Membership) should read:

‘comprising either, Club, SOA and British Orienteering elements, or Club and SOA elements only.’

Proposed: HQ

Second: HS


Chairman’s Report

The Chairman gave a Powerpoint presentation (as attachment?), reviewing what has been a very busy year, and a great achievement for a small club. In summary, month-by-month:

December ‘16:

  • Achlean: 65 attendees;
  • Festive Frolic: 26 attendees;
  • NNC: 18 BASOC members took part;
  • Anna Cox: first BASOC junior selected for ScotJOS.

January ‘17:

  • 2nd half of NNC (Tolquhonie Wood event for BASOC). Good Club turn-out & series results: (Long:1st,2nd,4th), (Medium:1st,2nd), (Short:1st); night training effective.


  • BASOC had 4 winners at Scottish Night Champs, Darnaway;
  • Wins @ Scottish Sprint Champs for Jess & Gemma;
  • North Area Jnr training run by Jess (noted there are a large number of good Scottish Jnrs now).


  • Last of the 4 Winter Training Blocks @ Carrbridge;
  • Club Trg w/e and CSC (BASOC qualified);
  • Uath Lochans Event: 110 attendees.


  • Double Dukes w/e with 7 BASOC runners, and Kat taking 2nd place W16.
  • 1st Family Session, led by Mehmet;
  • Jane Pottie single JK entrant;
  • New BASOC buffs on sale.


  • Very successful Family Sessions;
  • Schools/Summer League;
  • Jess wins Middle Test Race, 2nd In Long, and is selected for World Champs;
  • 8 BASOC runners at Scottish Champs – Gemma wins.
  • Glen Nant SOL – 12 runners.


  • 4 juniors to the Scottish Schools;
  • BASOC hosted M&H Schools + Level D: 130 attendees;
  • Final Schools League Race won by Carrbridge: 40 attendees;
  • WOLF warm-up + contactless SI trial: 40 attendees;
  • Jess ran Venla;
  • Team of 7 juniors to the Jamie Stevenson Trophy: 6th overall, and 2 bronze medals.


  • Jess got fantastic results at the World Champs, Estonia: (Long:17th, Middle:15th);
  • 5760 Facebook views as a result.


  • A great Club week at the Scottish 6-Days: 25 BASOC runners;
  • Jess won W21E, and Adrian won Bronze M85.


  • Great leadership from Johannes for WOLF & VHI;
  • Epic volunteer effort from BASOC and friends;
  • Very successful orienteering and financial outcomes for BASOC;
  • VHI debut for Gemma.


  • Kat, Izzy & Anna selected for ScotJOS;
  • 3 BASOC juniors competed as part of the winning North Team, with Jess as Lead Coach;
  • A great training block from Hilary;
  • 6 BASOC members went to the CSC Final;
  • Kat was overall SOL winner at W16;
  • Hilary updated BASOC Child Protection Policy/procedures.


  • Great Tues-O trg from Lynne;
  • Steve B busy mapping;
  • Starting Newtonmore mapping:

· Creag Bheag

· Newtonmore

· Glen Gynack extension

· Kincraig

  • Starting 2018 planning.


Treasurer’s Report

  • Profit for the year was approx. £4600;
  • Only a small outlay for mapping 16/17;
  • Financial Reserves (1/9/17): £14,341, less commitments of £10,750;
  • Uncommitted Financial Reserves: £3,591;
  • Appreciation was expressed for the Big Lottery Grant of £7,000, and £600 from SOA Development Fund;
  • Accounts require an independent audit.

Proposed: MM

Second: LW

HQ will find an auditor.


Future Events

Dec/Jan: NNC. BASOC has 2 events:

  • Mullochard – 6 Dec
  • Aviemore Golf Cse – 24 Jan
  • On-line entries encouraged;

Tues evening trail run/informal training whilst NNC on;

  • 26 Dec, Nethy Bridge: Festive Frolic SCORE;
  • 11 Feb: Local O Event run by Gemma & Mehmet;
  • Feb: 4 x Strength Sessions – venue tbc;
  • Mar – back to Tues O; run by Hilary – Loch Vaa;
  • 10/11 Mar: Club trg w/e & CSC;
  • May: British & Scottish Champs:
  • BASOC will offer assistance to INVOC/MOR;

May: Families/Schools’ League;

10th June: BASOC to host M&H Jnr Champs + Level C;

23rd Sep: SOL:

  • Organiser & Planner required;
  • Not full WOLF;
  • Good quality single O Event;
  • Informal trg/coaching & evening social suggested in spirit of WOLF w/e;

Spring 2019: back to full WOLF:

  • Newtonmore area;

Lots of bracken so better suited to Spring Event.

Chairman to contact.


Election of Office Bearers

Chairman: James Tullie;

Treasurer: Peter Lamb;

Secretary: Jane Cox;

Development: Jess Tullie;

Gemma Karatay;

Mehmet Karatay;

Junior Rep: Katrina McGougan;

Issie Inglis;

Jo Cumming;

Johannes Petersen will stand-down; the Chairman thanked him for his contribution.

Proposed: HS

Second: MM

Proposed: HS

Second: JC

Proposed: JT

Second: PF

Proposed: JT

Second: JP

Proposed: HQ

Second: MM

Proposed: JT

Second: JC

Proposed: JT

Second: HQ

Proposed: HQ

Second: JP

Proposed: JT

Second: JP



Club t-shirts and buffs are still available;

Hoodies can be ordered in small numbers thro’ Jo Cumming;

The Treasurer proposed changing to internet banking;

Thanks were given to Club members for their support of the successful year for the Juniors;

Parents of junior members are reminded of the need to fill out new consent forms that include medical details;

Website needs to be reviewed for up-to-date Child Protection info;

Volunteers are requested to assist with taking in the String Course at Wolftrax;

Johannes will submit a BASOC entry for BO Club of the Year;

Jess Tullie was awarded Sport Scotland Coaching and Volunteering Award.



Chairman’s Closing Remarks

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending the AGM, and for their contributions throughout the year in terms of volunteering and competing with the Club.

The Club is looking forward to a successful 2018.



Amendment to Club Constitution

James T

Auditor required for accounts

Peter Lamb

BASOC will offer assistance to INVOC/MOR (Brit/Scot Champs)

James T

Organiser/Planner required for SOL on 23rd Sep 2018

James T

BASOC Hoodie Orders by Dec 10th

Jo Cumming

Change to Internet Banking

Peter Lamb

Parents of Juniors to complete consent forms

Hilary Quick

Website reviewed to reflect up-to-date Child Protection

Hilary Q/Paul Frost

Assistance with taking in Wolftrax string course

Jo Cumming

Entry for British Orienteering Club of the Year

Johannes Petersen