AGM 2018 minutes

Posted: Thu 3 Jan 2019

Minutes of the 2018 AGM are now available.

Present: Lynne Walker (LW) (Chairperson), Peter Lamb (PL) (Treasurer), Jane Cox (JCo) (Secretary), Kat McGougan (KM) (Junior Rep), Anna Cox, Jo Cumming (JCu), Paul Frost(PF), Leslie Gorman (LG), Ian Hall (IH), Gemma Karatay (GK), Mehmet Karatay (MK), Clare Kemsley (CK), Donald McCarthy(DM), Ann McGougan (AM) (Club Captain), Hilary Quick (HQ)(Child Protection Officer), Callum Scott (CS), Hilary Scott (HS), James Tullie (JT).

Apologies: Judy Ballard, Terry Ballard, Steve Barrett , Alison Campbell, Izzy Cox, Mark Cox, Adrian Hope, Issie Inglis (II), Alice Kemsley, Libby Lamb, Marion MacCormick, Johannes Petersen, Midge.

The details of who proposed and seconded proposals have been removed from this webpage to make it easier to view in your browser. You can download the minutes as a PDF here which includes all the proposers and seconders.

Item Detail Action
1 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
  • The Chair welcomed everyone to the Meeting, and announced the winner of the SCORE Handicap Competition to be Paul Frost.
  • James Tullie thanked Lynne for standing in as Chairperson at short-notice, and Club members for their support during a difficult time.
2 Apologies Apologies for absence were recorded.
3 Minutes of the BASOC AGM 2017 Matters arising: all resolved.
Minutes of the previous AGM accepted.
4 Amendments to the Constitution Section 6: currently reads:
“At each Annual General Meeting the Club shall elect the following office bearers, listed in order of seniority”.
Remove the words:
“listed in order of seniority”.
This has implications for Section 8: currently reads:
“At each meeting the most senior office bearer present shall act as Chair”.
Change to:
“If the chair is not present at the meeting, the Committee will decide on the Chair for the Meeting”.
The Constitution can be viewed on the Website:
The Secretary will ask Paul Frost to update the website entry.
5 Chair’s Report The Chair’s report was circulated to members prior to the meeting, and is available to view on the Website:
Additional updates to the Report:
MK will co-ordinate the Community ‘O’ Events;
The Chair thanked the Club for working together, and in particular:
  • Ian Hall for co-ordinating the new store purchase;
  • Ian H (+Ian) & the Scotts for building the shed, and Mark Cox for outfitting the shelving;
  • Paul Frost for the new BASOC website.
  • HQ for allowing the store to be sited in her garden;
    • The Club will not be charged rent;
    • There are no restrictions on access;
    • Club members are to collect/return equipment as required;
    • Please close the gate.
6 Treasurer’s Report The Treasurer’s Report was circulated at the Meeting.

The Club continued to upgrade equipment for running events during the year, with the purchase of ten SI units, new signs and headtorches. A new five-year Sportident licence was also purchased.

The Club would like to express their appreciation to the Big Lottery Fund for their funding to support mapping of four large areas around Kingussie and Newtonmore.

The Treasurer recommended that the Club Subs for 2020 remain unchanged at £5 for Seniors, and Free to Juniors. Members agreed.
7 BASOC Plans for 2019 and beyond The Club will maintain a two-year cycle, as detailed in the Chair’s Report:
  • Odd years – Club/community development;
  • Even years – WOLF w/e.
Everyone agreed that Tues ‘O’ was a valuable aid to training, and was borne out by members’ performance in competition.
A Club development year will enable members to undertake training to fulfil key roles for WOLF and other events.
8 Election of Office Bearers Chairperson: Gemma Karatay;
Secretary: Jane Cox;
Treasurer: Peter Lamb; (Mehmet Karatay will be mentored by PL, with the aim of taking over as Treasurer.)
Junior Rep: Izzy Cox
Committee Members:
  • Jo Cumming;
  • Issie Inglis;
  • Calum Scott;
  • Hilary Quick;
  • Clare Kemsley;
  • Ann McGougan.
This makes a total of 11 elected committee members, with an option to co-opt one more member before the next AGM.
Non-committee volunteer roles
  • HQ is volunteer co-ordinator and child protection officer.
  • JT – mapping;
  • JCu/II – working group for bids;
  • PF said that he could give access to members wanting to add pictures/news to the website, or he could do it if items were emailed to him;
  • HQ & IH are working on a SCORE course for Wolftrax; they now have permission to remove windblown debris, so will be looking for volunteers;
  • MK outlined the plan for Community ‘O’ in May/June 2019;
  • DM extended an open invitation to Club members, to join him at his Swedish ‘O’ Club if travelling to Sweden;
    LW suggested DM submit a short article for the website;
  • PL pointed out that the bank account signatures need updating;
  • HQ thanked members for input to Tues evening training sessions;
  • HQ pointed out that in light of new committee members, access to BOF & SOA database, and Facebook requires a review;
  • JCu informed members that BASOC would help with car parking on Day 3 (30/7) of the Scottish 6-Days;
  • AM(Club Captain) asked that members intending to go to the Club Training Weekend & CompasSport Cup (16/17 Mar 2019), let her know by Christmas;
  • LG thanked everyone for participating and helping at the SCORE competition.
10 Chairperson’s Closing Remarks
  • The outgoing Chairperson (LW) thanked everyone for attending the AGM, and for their contributions throughout the year in terms of volunteering and competing with the Club.
  • GK (incoming Chairperson) thanked LW for her hard work and dedication, and presented a gift-hamper on behalf of the members.
  • The Club is looking forward to 2019.

Amendment to Club Constitution Jane Cox
Bank account signatures to be updated to reflect new committee. Peter Lamb/Gemma Karatay
BOF & SOA database and Facebook access to be reviewed. Gemma Karatay/Jane Cox
Compassport Cup and Training Weekend attendance to Ann McGougan by Christmas. Ann McGougan