Alice's summer of orienteering abroad!

Alice JK Sprint

Alice JK Sprint
Credit: Wendy Carlisle

Posted: Mon 9 May 2022

Alice Kemsley has an exciting summer to look forward to - she has been selected for a variety of orienteering experiences abroad based on her perfomances in a number of events in April 2022.

Here is an account from Alice as to what she will be doing this summer.

"I've never orienteered outside the UK before - but this summer I'm getting a number of opportunities.
Firstly 4th-18th July I have the ScotJOS tour in Sweden. This usually happens every second year, but was cancelled 2020 and 2021 because of Covid.
Then I've been selected for the team to compete in the Junior European Cup to be held in Blankenburg, Germany 1st-3rd October. This will be my first taste of an international competition and representing GB.
I'm also hopefully going to Sweden again in August for the JROS Stockholm camp for 17 year olds from across the UK.
I'm really looking forward to all the travelling and to experiencing orienteering in other countries.
All the Tuesday nights spent in the forest have paid off!"

All in BASOC pass on their congratulations to you Alice - hope that passport is in date!

Update It has just been announced - Alice has been selected for the Stockholm camp so she will be there for the last two weeks in August along with 16 other British M/W17s. Great news!

Published by Lynne Walker