Annual General Meeting 2014



Posted: Sun 23 Nov 2014

Saturday 6th December

Dulnain Bridge Village Hall
Format will incorporate the BASOC 2014 Club Champs.

Assembly at Dulnain Bridge Village Hall. Parking behind the hall and in the surrounding village.

New map!! Dulnain Wood. Surveryed by DOLM in 2014. Based on PG plot from Stirling Surveys.
Terrain is a mixture of pine forest with subtle contours and some rock features. numerous paths run through the area. Attached is an area of semi-open bog land with several peat banks running through it. The wood is runnable, the bog is tougher (though quite beautiful!)

Grid ref: NH 99873 24916
Post code: PH26 3BS

Format will incorporate the BASOC 2014 Club Champs.
Mass start handicap score event.
Each runner will be designated a specified number of controls to 'collect'.
Mass start at 11am. Start a short walk away and we will go en mass.
Winner is the one to get all their controls in the fastest time.

Lunch from around midday; this will take the form of a 'bring a dish' and everyone will sample some of the food!
AGM at approx. 2pm (gives time to get controls in + work out results etc + relaxed lunch)

AGM Agenda

  1. Chair’s Opening Remarks.
  2. Apologies for Absence.
  3. Amendments to the Constitution (if any received by the Secretary by 8th November 2014).
  4. Chair’s Report: view as a PDF.
  5. Treasurer’s Report.
  6. Election of Office Bearers and committee (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and between two and nine committee members). The post of Secretary will become vacant at the A. G. M.
  7. Events 2015 and 2016, including Highland WOLF 2015, Highland WOLF 2016, Local level D events in the wintertime, Tuesday=O and club socials.
  8. Entry fees for events. The committee propose that BASOC adopt differential pricing for Tuesday = O and BASOC Level D events. Non-BASOC (and non-SOA) members will pay £1 more. This is to try to encourage people to join BASOC, in line with the SOA drive to increase membership.
  9. AOCB
  10. Chair’s Closing Remarks