Annual General Meeting 2016Saturday 3rd December

Posted: Sun 4 Dec 2016

Thanks to everyone who attended the AGM. A great turnout and a good vibe.
Many thanks to Lynne and the rest of the committee who are departing.

The minutes are below.

Nethy Bridge Church Hall.

The AGM started at 2pm but there was also be an orienteering event at 11am and then lunch (bring a dish) at 12:30pm.


In attendance: Lynne Walker (Chair), Samia Cuming, Gavin Miles, Katrina McGogan, Jane Cox, James Tullie, Jess Tullie, Emma Broadhurst, Johannes Petersen, Jane Petersen, Anna Petersen, Gemma Karatay, Paul Frost, Jenny Clarke, Hilary Quick, Issie Inglis, Mehmet Karatay, Peter Lamb, Marion McCormick, Hilary Scott, Callum Scott, Jo Cumming, Lesley Gorman, Ann McGougan, Rosie Broadhurst, Anna Cox.

Minutes by Jenny Clarke

Actions are summarised at the end of the report.

1. Chairman’s opening remarks

1.1 Lynne thanked everyone for coming and awarded the prizes for the club championship race (held earlier in the morning) to Jane Cox and the junior prize to Katrina McGougan.

2. Apologies for absence

2.1 Note was made of the large attendance at the AGM.

2.2 Apologies were received from the following BASOC members: Steve Barrett, Mark Cox, Izzy Cox, Jane Pottie, Ian Stewart, Steve Salem, Libby Lamb, Judy Ballard, Terry Ballard, Dan Harris, Adrian Hope, Lucy Edmondson, Alison Campbell.

3. Amendments to the Constitution

None noted

4. Chairman’s report: previously circulated, updates & questions.

4.1 Lynne’s report was shared with meeting members in advance, and no questions were asked during the meeting. The report can be found below.

4.2 Marion mentioned that she had a contact who could design a Buff in club colours which would then be offered to members to complement the current club kit.

5. Treasurer’s report

5.1 Copies of the accounts were passed to club members. No questions were asked regarding the report. The accounts were approved by MM and 2nd HQ.

5.2 Peter noted the success of the WOLF event which is very popular & due to the large numbers who attend ensures a healthy bank balance for the club. Main expenditure this year had been subsidy for the Orienteering suits and on mapping at Tolquhonie and other upgrades to current maps.

5.3 Recommended club fees for 2018 was discussed and it was agreed to defer this decision to new committee for decision in summer 2017.

6. Future events

6.1 Tuesday = O and club socials

Jess shared the new format for Tuesday evenings, where one location is chosen per month which has an area for a wee social afterwards. This has been very successful and this format will continue for February and March as the NNC (see 6.2) is on during December and January. Tuesday evenings will continue but will be mostly indoors at the Community sports hub in Aviemore. For more details see the website.

Lynne thanked Jess for all her efforts in organising the Tuesday sessions. Jess asked for any feedback on the Tuesday sessions.

6.2 Northern Night Cup (NNC) 16/17

Johannes gave an update on the NNC particularly to encourage all to come and take part as although there is a competitive element the event is also a lot of fun and a good opportunity to meet other club members from Moravian and Invoc. The BASOC-led session on 18th January will be the first time on our new map :)

Lynne mentioned how valuable it is after the NNC sessions to view routegadget and see where everyone else was running.

Big thanks to Johannes for organising the series this year.

6.3 Moray and Highland Junior Champs, spring 2017

Held on 4th June 2017. Planner will be Jane Pottie, location likely to be Dulnain Woods. The club are still looking for an Organiser for this event and also help in redesigning the logo as it doesn’t currently include BASOC or any purple! Any offers of help to Lynne please.

6.4 Tuesday = O family introduction & improver Spring 2017

3 sessions will be held after Easter, then the schools league will follow. It is hoped that Kingussie High school might be involved this time. The club are looking for a coach who is interested in running these sessions (Jess is happy to do some of the behind the scenes work to aid this)

6.5 Highland WOLF 2017 (23rd and 24th September)

Overall co-ordinator is Johannes

This is a special year as it includes the Veteran Home International (VHI) race (veterans from the home internationals in age groups between 35-65)


Jo offered to be organiser for Aviemore sprint, Gavin and Hilary to plan the SOL on Sunday.

6.6 Northern Spring cup 2018

Spring cup being considered for 2018 to help with organising the fixture calendar. It is hoped a meeting of club reps will be organised to help structure club events. James is main contact for this.

6.7 Discussion

Mehmet asked if there were plans for any weekend events to be held on a smaller scale to the WOLF? The upcoming event at Achlean on 17th Dec was mentioned along with tying in with other club dates.

6.8 Club trips

A trip is being proposed for the compassport cup (which is being held at Tentsmuir in mid March). The trip will involve a stopover on the Saturday on the way down for some club training, following by staying over on the Saturday evening and taking part in the event on the Sunday. More information will be added to the website in due course.

6.9 S6D Deeside

Entries are Open for the Scottish 6 days, day 4 has been selected for the day BASOC are allocated to help on the day, mainly around the assembly area. S6D are looking for a main point of contact from the club who will communicate with the S6D day 4 team (not to be organiser!) Any volunteers?

6.10 Wolftrax O

Jo mentioned that she is looking for help with the current O arrangements at Laggan wolftrax. The O string course is well supported but some feel it is too easy, and Jo is wondering if anyone has any other ideas of what could be set up in addition to the current O? Any ideas please contact Jo.

7. Election of office bearers

7.1 The current committee members who are wishing to stand down are:

Happy to stay on

7.2 New committee


8.1 Child protection

Hilary Quick reminded the group of her role as Child protection officer within the club and that SOA has stringent policies in place and operating within the club who follow the SOA guidance.

Hilary reminded parents that consent sheets for U18’s must be completed so that video or photos are used with permission - forms can be obtained from Hilary.

HIlary reminded club members that any concerns can be brought to her attention at any time to herself or new club chair James Tullie.

8.2 Regular Orienteering Map Programme (ROMP) course

Tapes were left out at the sites used for TD4/5 course during the Uath Lochans SOL so this area can be used for practising your Orienteering using your old map! Some kites are also out as this course has been listed as a the ROMP area. NOTE the power lines local to this area are earmarked for removal at some stage soon - if you see helicopters in the vicinity do not try out the ROMP course!

9. Chair’s closing remarks

9.1 Lynne thanked everyone for attending the meeting .

9.2 Meeting closed at 3.10pm.

Actions following the meeting

Detail Who
5.3 Recommended club fees for 2017-18 season Committee

Opportunities for club members

Detail Contact
6.3 Organiser wanted for Moray & Highland Junior championships James
Can anyone help design the logo for the above event? Lynne
6.4 Coach for the family sessions/schools league which runs after Easter Jess
6.5 WOLF event; Organiser for Saturday morning at Ballifurth, Organiser for SOL on the Sunday Johannes
6.9 S6D event - to be main BASOC contact for Day 4 organisers James
6.10 Help Jo expand or complement the current O set up at Laggan wolftrax Jo


  1. Chairman’s Opening Remarks.
  2. Apologies for Absence.
  3. Amendments to the Constitution.
  4. Chairman’s Report: previously circulated, updates and questions.
  5. Treasurer’s Report.
    • Recommended club fees for 2018 (note: fees for 2018 have to be submitted in September / October 2017).
  6. Future events:
    • Tuesday = O and club socials
    • Northern Night Cup 2016 – 2017
    • Moray & Highland Junior Champs, spring 2017 (probably)
    • Tuesday = O family introduction & improver Spring 2017
    • Highland WOLF 2017
    • Northern Spring Cup 2018
  7. Election of Office Bearers:
    • Chair
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Between two and nine committee members, including a Junior rep.
  8. AOCB.
  9. Chair’s Closing Remarks.

Report from the Chair

As this is my final report from the position of Chair, I will start by thanking all the committee members I have worked with over the last three years. It has been a pleasure working with people who are committed volunteers, prepared to take on tasks to help with the development as BASOC. The committee are not the only volunteers though; without the planners, organisers and controllers we would have no events and no Tuesday=O evenings, so a big thank you to them as well. And then there are the volunteers who come along to help park cars, run starts etc. at the events so again thank you to them.

BASOC is only as strong as the members; each member can give something, it does not matter what they are able to give, all offers of volunteering are gratefully accepted. Volunteering is not all work, there is a social side to it as well as getting to know fellow club members better. To enjoy our sport, we go to events run by other clubs (and their volunteers); this is reciprocated when competitors come along to BASOC events and activities.

In 2016 there have been quite a few developments in BASOC. Below are listed some of these:

On the international orienteering stage, Jess Tullie has once again represented Great Britain in various races; for 2017 we all wish Jess to have a successful campaign internationally and appreciate the work she does for the club when she is at home.

Johannes Petersen has served BASOC as a Regional Development Officer (RDO) for the past two years. The committee gave him the remit of helping the club to move to another level with respect to our influence in Badenoch & Strathspey as well as helping club members to develop so that they competed out with the club area. Thank you Johannes for your work for BASOC over the last couple of years. His job has changed a bit in that he is now RDO for 5 clubs so BASOC will be able to call on him less. However Johannes is still a BASOC club member and is involved with the club on a voluntary basis – he has taken on the role of Highland WOLF coordinator 2017.

I am not going to look forward – that is for the next chair. The committee have had their final meeting under my chairmanship – hopefully the Development Plan is now in a fit state for the new committee.

Thank you to all for your support over the last three years while I have been Chair of BASOC; please give your support to the incoming chair!

Lynne Walker


10th November 2016

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