BASOC CDO appointment


Credit: Unknown

Posted: Mon 11 Apr 2022

BASOC are delighted to announce the appointment of their short-term Club Development Officer (CDO).

After the interviews, it was decided to offer the role on a job-share basis to Kat McGougan and Izzy Cox which they both accepted as recognising their complementary skills. It's great two BASOC former juniors are wishing to come back and help to give a boost to the club. It will really help having people in the role who know the area and know the club so well - especially for such a short term contract.
The exact start / end dates have yet to be determined - it is expected that they will start between mid and end of May with the contract running until about the start of July.
Please welcome Kat & Izzy when you see them at Tuesday=O sessions, and introduce yourselves if you've joined quite recently.

Published by Lynne Walker