BASOC Committee



Posted: Sun 9 Dec 2018

The new BASOC Committee and the BASOC 2018 Club champion

On Sunday December 2nd 2018 BASOC held the club AGM. The following were elected to the committee for December 2018 to December 2019:
Chair: Gemma Karatay
Secretary: Jane Cox
Treasurer: Peter Lamb with Mehmet Karatay assisting / taking over during the year
Junior rep: Izzy Cox
Committee members: Jo Cumming, Issie Inglis, Clare Kemsley, Ann McGougan, Hilary Quick and Callum Scott.
Thank you to the above committee members for the time they give to help BASOC run; there are also many other volunteers who take on a role which helps BASOC to work well as a club.

As outgoing chair, Lynne would like to take this opportunity to thank the 2018 committee for all their support during the year and the basket of food they presented her with at the AGM.

Lesley Gorman and Gemma Karatay also planned the club champs which took the form of a handicapped score event around Newtonmore South. With a unique handicap system (suspect much muttering over a dark brew?) Paul Frost was declared BASOC Club Champion 2018 - well done Paul, and his reward is to plan the 2019 BASOC Club Champs!