BASOC eNews April 2020



Posted: Thu 16 Apr 2020

While we have been unable to orienteer in our lovely forests, there has been quite a bit related to orienteering going on - in the virtual world, taking part in a huge variety of O games, the BASOC committee is still working hard for the club and so on.

1. Tuesday=O

Virtual Tuesday "training" (=chat!) is continuing on Zoom, at the usual time of 6:30pm - details available from the BASOC Members Facebook group page - send a request to join that if you haven't already (more details under item 2 below).

As soon as we're allowed to get out and meet outdoors again, we'll reinstate Tuesday training - starting with a strong social bias and mild technical challenges. But please please please remember that the virus will not have suddenly disappeared, so keep your distance and if you feel at all unwell please stay at home. We won't be taking cash, we'll invoice you every couple of months or so and you can pay by bank transfer.

2. BASOC Facebook members

The BASOC members page is very active at the moment. It's a closed group so if you'd like to join you'll need to be approved. Just search for BASOC members on Facebook and send a request. If we recognise you we'll approve you as quickly as possible. If you are registered on Facebook under a name you don't think we'll recognise, send Gemma or Hilary an email and let us know who you are!

3. BASOC events 2020 update

This year we intended to have three main events: a local event this Sunday (19th April), a club weekend in Fort William in June and the WOLF weekend in conjunction with INVOC in September.

The club weekend is currently on hold. We would still like to hold it if possible but it will probably be pushed back later in the year.

The committee has also taken the early decision to postpone our day of the WOLF weekend (Saturday). We don't know what restrictions will be in place in September and we don't feel it's fair on our planners, organisers and controllers to try to prepare for two events that may get cancelled at short notice.

INVOC are delaying their decision on running the SOL until later in the year. We have asked them, if possible, to use a different area. This would leave our full WOLF weekend in Grantown ready to run next year. We have yet to hear about their decision for this.

Since we are very uncertain about when we will be able to get outside, we are planning to have a few local events ready to run when the lockdown gets lifted, including the event that should be taking place this Sunday. This should allow us to get some orienteering in as soon as we can. We'll put details on the website, Facebook and in an eNews when we know what's happening.

4. From Gemma, our BASOC Chair

Finally, thanks to everyone for keeping your exercise local and coming up with so many alternative orienteering challenges. I'd also like to reiterate the message I gave in March: if you need any help for any reason, please get in touch and we'll do our best to help you.

5. Lockdown Orienteering

This competition was held online over Easter weekend with 500 competitors from all around the world. Jess took part in this and has done a write up for the BASOC website, many thanks for this Jess!

There will be another Lockdown O over the weekend of 24thto 26th April, this time a Sprint O. For more details of competitions keep an eye on the Lockdown Orienteering website. Last time entries had to close earlier than published as they had reached 500 competitors. At the moment Jess is the only BASOC member entered.

6. Keeping occupied and in touch with orienteering

Easter Special from British Orienteering.

What could be better than creating Orienteering fun at Easter and sharing what makes the JK so special to us online. Please do keep in touch with your activity suggestions and stories.
Creating Easter Magic
Download and create your own Easter challenge, learn how to map your home with OCAD or find fun quizzes.
JK Memories
Although a key event has been cancelled, we are using the coming weeks to share stories and memories
Volunteer Awards Update
The annual Volunteer Awards will also not be announced this week as the JK and AGM did not take place. These awards are still incredibly important, so with that in mind for 2020, British Orienteering will be taking the awards online. We will be announcing all the winners for each category individually at the end of April and reflecting on their achievements. Further details and dates will be shared after Easter.

Scottish Orienteering daily quiz.

In case you have missed any of these quizzes (there is a huge range, something in there will appeal to you!) they are all available on the Scottish Orienteering Puzzles and Challenges page. At the time of writing there are 27 with the first 22 solutions published.