BASOC eNews April 2022


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Posted: Thu 21 Apr 2022

BASOC events and events around Scotland coming up - get your entry in - volunteering opportunities and Tuesday training.

1. Volunteers wanted!

There are two BASOC events coming up – the Nethy MTBO mentioned above and the Dunachtonmore event which features below.
Volunteers are needed to help at each of these; for Nethy please contact Lynne and for Dunachtonmore contact Ann.
is always keen to hear from folks who would like to volunteer for any role – you do not need to have experience, just a willingness to learn from one of the more experienced members of BASOC.

2. Nethy MTBO event, Friday evening 6th May 2022

This is an ideal event to ‘Have a go at MTBO’. Have a look at the three YouTube videos by Orienteering Australia, they are a great way to either get started or to refresh you about MTBO.
Also on the BASOC Facebook page, there is a link to how to make your own map board.
This MTBO event is also a great introduction to orienteering for family and friends as the navigation is a bit more straightforward and the riding, although rooty and muddy isn't steep technical so anyone who has ridden round a Scottish forest on a bike should be able to give it a go!
Entries are through the BMBO website and more details are available on the BASOC website.
Entries close on Sunday 1st May 2022.

3. Dunachtonmore event, Sunday 22nd May 2022

The courses will be:

A message from the Planner (Purple) Jane:
Hopefully this range will appeal to our membership but also provide courses for those wanting to get into orienteering too. I am aiming the "long & less technical" at adults who are runners or hill walkers who fancy trying orienteering or perhaps haven't done it in a while and want something with more handrails to get them back into it! If the membership know of anyone who might like this please encourage them along. Pairs are more than welcome too 🙂.

And from Organiser Ann:
Come and join us and have some fun at this local event. Jane is planning 4 fantastic courses to suit everybody. So whether you’re looking for a challenge or something to gain your confidence in there will be something for you. More information on the events page on the website and entries are open by emailing Hilary Quick.
Entries close 23.59 on Saturday 14 May.

4. Moray 2023

Moray 2023 is the next Scottish 6 Day event (well, it will actually be 5 days in 2023!). BASOC are involved in Day 5 at Culbin on Friday 4th August and the main Organiser & main Planner have volunteered.
From Nick Hale “I am pleased to say that Fran Getliff (MAROC) has agreed to be the Organiser at Culbin during Moray 2023. She joins Ali Robertson (MAROC) who has agreed to be the Planner. Do you have anyone who would like to take on the roles of Assistant Planner, Organiser or Controller?”
If you are interested in either of these roles then please let Clare (BASOC Chair) know. Either role is a great opportunity to work alongside an experienced Organiser / Planner.

5. Scottish Champs weekend

This weekend is 28th & 29th May and wil be based on Royal Deeside this year.
The individual event will take place on Saturday 28tn May at Glen Dye. Details of the event and how to enter are on the GRAMP website. Entries close Sunday 15th May 2022.
The relays will be close by at Sluie, Kincardine O’Neil and they are being organised by MAROC.
As our Team Captain, Ann McGougan will be arranging relay teams for all who are interested. This relay is the second "team" event of the year for BASOC. Come and have fun being part of a team relay! Great spectator areas and an exciting mass start are all part of the day! Each team is made up of 3 competitors; you do not need to be all that experienced, Ann will make sure you are entered into a course you feel happy to complete. BASOC relay teams are very much about enjoying it rather than having aspirations to win. If you need any more information or want to enter just email Ann. Go on have a go - you know you want to! It’s bound to be a great day and a fantastic way of meeting other club members. Please let Ann know by Friday 13th May 2022 if you would like to run in a BASOC relay team (Ann will need to know your age class, your preferred course to run and your SI dibber number – if you have one).

6. Tuesday=O

It is so much easier in daylight, come along and give it a go! Please contact Hilary Quick for more details and to say if you will be there.
Tuesday 26th April: Nick is taking us to another part of Beachen, meet outside the Caravan Site in Grantown on Spey.
Tuesdays in May: these are likely to be Balliefurth / Auchernack, in the north of that area. Please keep an eye on the website about the location etc.

Published by Lynne Walker