BASOC eNews August 2020

Izzy Cox

Izzy Cox

Posted: Sat 22 Aug 2020

Things are starting to move forward towards being able to do more orienteering - now that is good news- here are some examples:

1. MapRun

There are 5 MapRun courses now available for use. All the details you require are in an article on the BASOC website. This article also reminds you about the 5km forest runs.

2. British Orienteering / Scottish Orienteering membership details

Just a reminder to ensure that you have checked that your contact details are correct on the British Orienteering or Scottish Orienteering membership database. If you are entering any events now or in the future, also ensure that your contact details are correct in the entry system used for the event. This is important for the Track / Trace / Protect strategies.

3. Tuesday = O

Thanks to Hilary Q. for the training exercises at Uath Lochans. It is great to be back out navigating in the forest and also have the opportunity for some (physically distanced) face to face chat with others.
A different area will be used from Tuesday 25th August, look out for details on the BASOC website.

4. First Aid in Covid-19 times

All – especially those with a First Aid certificate – should make themselves aware of the revised guidelines around CPR and other First Aid treatments. St John Ambulance have published the guidelines.
Coaches should ensure they record this action in their log book.

5. Selection races for British Orienteering Talent Squad and EJOC (European Junior O Champs)

The Selection Race Weekend is on 28th-30th August in the Southern Lakes.
The race programme will comprise a Sprint in Windermere on Friday (28 August) late afternoon (starts from approximately 4.30pm - 6pm which is useless for pupils in Scottish schools especially those coming from the north!!), a Long on Saturday afternoon (29 August) and a Middle on Sunday morning (30 August), with both forest races being held on the Graythwaite Estate.
BASOC will be cheering on Alice, Faith, Izzy& Kat in the selection races; the main thing is to be happy with your own performance rather than comparing to others, you know what you have been able to do over the past few months while others will have had different opportunities.

6. The Run In Podcast

Jess Halliday has appeared on The Run In podcast – Episode 29 (broadcast on 23rd July) and ‘Sprint’ (quick fire Qs, broadcast on 30th July). BASOC get a mention, thanks Jess!

7. Scottish Orienteering News

From Scottish Orienteering about the EGM:
“We would officially like to invite to the SOA EGM on Friday 25th September starting at 7.30pm.
Following the decision to defer all business from our AGM held earlier this year to our EGM we look forward to presenting the accounts, appointing Directors to our Board and voting on membership fees/event levies. The details of the proposals and the EGM booklet are published on the Scottish Orienteering website.”
Remember, Scottish Orienteering is YOUR organisation so use your vote.

This week the First Minister announced changes to the lifting of restrictions on some sports; Scottish Orienteering have followed this with a post on 21st August:
"We welcome the First Minister’s statement on 20th August with significant steps forward and dates provided for the wider sport sector. We stand in solidarity with the indoor sports who have yet to return but at least now have a date to plan towards the reopening of facilities.
There will be some changes to be made to the SOA Guidelines. We had a positive discussion with sportscotland today around the relaxing of some event restrictions and will seek approval for amendments to be published early next week".
The BASOC committee will study the revised guidelines and make any announcement regarding changes which have an impact on club activities on the BASOC website.

8. Ticks

Yes, we all know about checking for ticks – right?
There are lots of things wanting to take a meal from us this year (midges, clegs, ticks, mosquitoes, etc.) BUT it still remains very important to check for ticks after any outing where you have either gone through undergrowth (I was up to my thighs in bilberries & heather at Uath Lochans) or brushed against undergrowth which is overhanging a path. Ticks can carry Lyme Disease which can be difficult to treat if not diagnosed early. More information is available on the Lyme Disease website.
Prevention is better than cure! Ensure that there are no ‘access points’ for the ticks – at the ankles, do you have exposed skin? Could ticks access your legs from the ankles? How can you ensure a tick-proof seal at the ankle? What about around your waist – especially on these warm summer evenings when we really do not want to tuck a top / base layer into our trousers?

Published by Lynne Walker