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BASOC eNews December 2023

O treadmill
O treadmill
Credit: Original version by Dave Coverly
Published: Tue 12 Dec 2023

The last eNews of 2023 - happy festive season to you all!
There is a lot of BASOC news below - AGM, new Board, club champs, activities, events coming up . . .

1. Welcome

Rebecca Morris has joined BASOC as her main club (she was a member of BASOC as her second club). Rebecca has also recently been awarded the ‘Racing Challenge Gold Award’, well done with achieving this after only a short time in the sport!
Stuart and Emma Swann of Nethy Bridge have also joined BASOC (and Stuart has also joined the BASOC Board).
Welcome Emma, Stuart and Rebecca, we look forward to seeing you compete in BASOC colours and hope that you will be able to come along to Tuesday=O training!

2. BASOC Tuesday=O and Festive Fun Activity

The Festive Fun activity will take place on Tuesday 26th December, in daylight! Please check the website for details, including ‘sign up’ deadline.
January Tuesday=O:

Tuesday 2nd January, Kincraig & Dunachton, 11:30am to 12:30pm.
Tuesday 9th January, Kincraig & Dunachton, 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

As there are Northern Night Cup events on Wednesdays 17th, 24th, 31st January and 7th February, there will be no training on Tuesdays on those weeks.

3. BASOC AGM report

From the BASOC Chair – Janette

The minutes from the AGM are on the BASOC website, thank you Suzanne.

4. BASOC Club Champion

Overall winner was Callum Scott, Gemma Karatay was first female, Stewart Swann was top newcomer, and leading junior was Rhona Paton. Well done all of you.
Full results are on the BASOC website.
Many thanks to Andy Llewellyn for all his work in putting on the club champs and the accompanying event.

5. BASOC Event Safety & Welfare workshop

This workshop will be held on Sunday 14th January 2024 in Carrbridge. The Event Safety and Welfare Workshop (10am to 1pm) is suitable for anyone who orienteers; the Event Organiser Workshop (1pm to 4pm) is aimed at those who might organise on O event. Details are on the website with the sign up form to be completed by 8pm on Tuesday 9th January 2024.

6. BASOC Calendar

The BASOC “What’s happening” calendar has been updated and is available to download.
After the interest in the poster displaying “Events in Scotland 2024” at the AGM, a calendar has been produced for this. This will be updated as more information about events is produced.

7. BASOC learning opportunity for setting up and running computing at events.

Hilary Q is putting together a series of learning opportunities for anyone who wants to learn about setting up and running the computing at events. Anyone interested should contact her please - it should be possible to use evening (Tuesday or other) training sessions for these.

8. Northern Night Cup (NNC)

An update on the NNC events:
Wednesday 13th December: Merkinch, INVOC: very limited entry on the night.
Wednesday 17th January: Burgie (postponed from December), MOR
Wednesday 24th January: Spey Valley Golf Course, BASOC
Wednesday 31st January: Carsehill, MOR
Wednesday 7th February: Nairn East Beach, INVOC

9. Garmin watches for sale or a donation

A GPS watch is a very useful tool for orienteering. These watches let you record your GPS trace which you can then upload to RouteGadget – amongst many other things. It is always helpful (for your learning) to know where you went rather than where you think you went . . .
Jo has a Garmin Forerunner 225 for sale at £45 (includes the charging cable).
You can find an in-depth review of the watch on the DCRainmaker website.
(Purple) Jane has a Forerunner 25 available – a donation to the club in exchange for this watch (which was gifted by Jane Cox).
You can find an in-depth review of the watch on the DCRainmaker website.

10. Route To Christmas

World of O produce a daily O puzzle every December. This is a map with a leg from a competition shown and you have a look to see what route you would take. After thinking about your route, you can then see where the competitors (usually elite runners) went. You can also view the routes drawn by others looking at the map online. Day 9 was a real beast of a leg!

11. British Orienteering Development Conference

This Development Conference will take place online during January and early February. Sessions are free and range from ‘Making O work for schools’, to ‘Promoting your club’ to ‘OCAD’ to ‘Embrace your community’ and various other sessions. If you do attend any sessions, please feedback to the BASOC Board any thoughts which might help BASOC to develop.