BASOC eNews early September 2020

Kat Long JSR

Kat Long JSR
Credit: Will Heap

Posted: Wed 2 Sep 2020

More is starting to happen in the orienteering scene; if this continues the eNews will be posted every two weeks (approximately).

1. INVOC MapRun series.

INVOC have invited BASOC (and MOR) to take part in their MapRun series. More information is in a separate article on the BASOC website. If you would like your scores to count, you need to be quick as the Kinmylies course is only open for league counting to the end of this week. It is possible to do the courses after the league closes, your result will not count though.

2. Tuesday = O

Tuesday evening training continues with you printing your own maps, and an area or a theme continuing for a month or so. Participant number limits are no longer an issue, though the sessions remain open only to BASOC members. Basic information about venue is on the web page and you will be given details of parking location when you receive your map PDF. Remember to email Hilary Q if you want to attend.

3. Junior selection races (JSR)

It was an exciting - and very challenging - weekend for Kat, Izzy, Alice and Faith. They travelled to the Lake District to take part in the Junior selection races, competing against the best in Britain. The races were tough - RouteGadget will show you the courses and the routes the competitors took. Hopefully more will put their route up in the next few days.
The same link will take you to the photos taken by Will Heap - there are some great ones of the BASOC competitors, some even managed to smile for the camera! You will find Kat on pages 3 & 8; Izzy on pages 2 & 6; Alice on page 5 and Faith on pages 1 & 5.

And finally

If you do any orienteering outwith BASOC, how about sending in a brief report to Lynne - we are interested to read about things you all get up to! For example, if you do the INVOC MapRun, send in a couple of paragraphs about your experience. Photos would be even better.

Published by Lynne Walker