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Posted: Fri 27 Mar 2020

More news, more ideas of things for you to do for your orienteering 'fix'.

There are more and more ways to 'do' some orienteering appearing each day. Here are some which have come to our attention in the past few days.

1. WhatsApp group for Scottish orienteers

ESOC have set up a WhatsApp group that is open to any Scottish orienteers. If anyone would like to join, let Gemma know and she will send him a BASOC list. Gemma would like to send Walter Clark (ESOC) a single list from BASOC so please let her know if you are interested in joining by the end of March at the latest. After that, you will need to contact Walter Clark directly, details of the WhatsApp group set up and are on the ESOC website.

2. Catching Features league

ESOC have also set up a Catching Features league. First race is on Saturday 28th March. The details and 'Rules' are attached to this (worthwhile reading, if only to look at the prizes on offer!). Anyone is welcome to join in. ESOC have no idea how it will work but thought they'd try it for a bit of fun.

3. Virtual Tue=O

Hilary (Q) has set up a meeting on Zoom, starting 6:30 pm on Tuesday, for half an hour. For more details go to the BASOC members Facebook page.

4. Other virtual O ideas

There are many O ideas out there: Scottish Orienteering daily puzzle, CompassSport Photo quiz (through their Facebook page), ESOC ideas (through link above for ESOC), World of O Route to O-Season 2020 and many more if you search around. Let us all know what you find / are using through the BASOC members Facebook page.

5. Ideas for keeping you physically fit

Hopefully everyone is enjoying taking local exercise, from their door (or maybe as part of a shopping trip if you have to drive to shop?). After a while the same old routes can become a little less inspiring and you find that you are not improving your fitness much as you are doing the same old run at the same old pace.

Have you tried working out a '30 challenge' if you live in a settlement (I reckon this would work well in Nethy). Work out where your 30mph signs are on all the roads leading into the settlement; then plan a route which links all of these. The route does not have to be on the streets, you could go cross country between signs or vary it. For example, Grantown City Limits run / walk would be: leave home, go along the railway line and drop down to the Caravan Park entrance (pretend 30 sign here!), streets to the Health Centre, streets to the Grammar School, golf course & Anagach to the Spey Bridge road, Church Wood to the Aviemore road and then back to the railway line and home. Sorry Hilary, Insh might not be a challenge! If the '30' signs do not work for you, be creative and think of something else for your 'City Limits run'.

#stayinworkout has a load of ideas of exercise you can do indoors. These exercises will help with your core stability which will then help to prevent injury and make running on rough ground easier once we are able to orienteer again.

Have you interval work (and hill intervals) in your exercise regime? Take care to ration this, however there are proven benefits of doing intervals even if they hurt (pain is temporary).

Please do keep in touch (the social media methods are in the "Stay local, Stay at home BASOC eNews"), let us know what you are doing, post pictures of this, give us all a laugh ever so often!

Published by Lynne Walker