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BASOC eNews February 2024

Marion And Callum
Marion And Callum
Published: Thu 8 Feb 2024

BASOC have been out racing - Night O, Urban and Sprint O. More races are coming up as well, along with the club outing to the CompassSport Cup / Trophy. Loads of news, in no particular order so read to the bottom!

1. New BASOC members

Welcome to Nev, Finn, Freya Elstone and Sara Brown from Nethy Bridge.
Sara and Freya came along to NNC4 at Spey Valley Golf Course.

2. CompassSport Cup and Trophy

We have an awesome club entry of 18 heading to Birnam Hill on Sunday 18th February for the Compass Sport Trophy Heat. This hopefully means we will have a full counting team score again this year. Good luck to everyone! Entries have now closed and club captain Jane will be sorting out start times and has been in touch with everyone who has entered.

Here are the folks to cheer on and the courses they have entered: Brown = Jane (running up, thank you!); Short Brown = Stuart & Rebecca; Blue Women = Alice, Kat & Gemma; Blue Men = Laura (running up, thank you!); Green Women = Clare, Emma & Janette; Green Men = Steve & Callum; Vet Short Green = Hilary Q; Super Vet Short Green = Marion, Hilary S, Jo & Lynne. One of the hardest things will be getting to the Start - 3km and 200m of climbing - at least we will be warmed up.

3. Northern Night Cup (NNC) league

How have BASOC been getting in the NNC league?
Results from the 5 events so far are available – with thanks to Angus Laird for coordinating this. Stephen, Janette & Jane have taken part in the Long course with Laura, Stuart, Emma, Jo, Clare, Lynne, Freya, Rhona and Ian having a go in the Short and Sara has tackled the Score course.

NNC2 will take place (fingers crossed as it has been postponed twice!) on Wednesday 21st February at Burgie just east of Forres. NNC Entries are open until Sunday 18th February for the event. After this the final league points will be issued with winners declared.

NNC4 at Spey Valley Golf Course, 23rd January 2024
This was a successful event which BASOC hosted with 45 entrants. Janette’s courses were appreciated – a good start to your planning journey Janette - and Stuart coped admirably with all the computing side of the event, it was a steep learning curve! Thanks to the helpers on the night, Ray for helping with registration and download, Jane and Andy for control collection.

4. Tuesday=O

Tuesday=O starts up again on 13th and 27th February at Loch Vaa North (no training on 20th February as there is NNC2 on 21st February). All the details are on the BASOC website. March training will be in the Aviemore area, details will be published on the website when they are known.

5. Scottish Night Champs and SOUL2

SOLWAY are hosting a weekend of orienteering around Dumfries Saturday 24th (Scottish Night Champs) and Sunday 25th (SOUL2) February. Details are on SIEntries for each event with entries for the SNC closing on 18th February and a day later for the SOUL.

6. Orienteering events for your diary

MOR events coming up are listed below. Check on the MOR website for up to date details etc.
Wednesday 21st February: NNC2: Burgie
Sunday 25th February: Lossie East & Binn Hill
Saturday 9th March: Gordon Castle.

INVOC events coming up. Check on the INVOC website for details etc.
Sunday 3rd March: Dallaschyle (near Cawdor)

Other events in Scotland – check the Scottish Orienteering website (Events tab) for all events registered in Scotland. This link takes you to the February calendar.

Clubs neighbouring to BASOC (INVOC, MOR, MAROC, GRAMP) events are detailed on the ‘Go Orienteering' page of the BASOC website, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

7. Edinburgh Big Weekend

Rebecca has written an article about her experience at this weekend, thank you for this Rebecca! Clare, Alice, Janette, Paul and Lynne also took part in the fast racing around a variety of Edinburgh housing estates - read Rebecca's article to find out that this is actually very interesting racing! You are so focussed on the navigation thta you actually hardly see the surroundings.

8. BASOC Board Meeting

The minutes of the Board meeting on 23rd January are now available to view on the website. You will notice there are a few role changes: Jane (Chisholm) has taken over BOF secretary and Membership from Hilary (Quick). The next meeting will take place online on Thursday 7th March 2024.

The board will be discussing how they continue to develop the club and would love to hear from members with ideas as well as those who would like to become more involved in club activities. Please contact the BASOC Chair with your ideas etc.

9. BASOC Calendar

The BASOC calendar with the club and other local O happenings has been updated and you can download it from the website.

10. World Orienteering Championships (WOC) 2024 Edinburgh

Thinking of going to WOC 2024? If so and you want to take part on the public races (WOC Tour), then enter by Saturday 10th February to get the cheapest rates.

There are also opportunities to volunteer at WOC itself, you are still be able to enter the WOC Tour races.

11. Scottish Orienteering Volunteer Day

This will take place at Glenmore Lodge (so local to BASOC folks) on Saturday 9th March. The details are on the Scottish Orienteering website, with sign ups requested by 21st February after which the remaining spaces are made available. Although it says two per club BASOC are not planning to coordinate this and just let people sign-up if they are interested. Anything of interest from the day can be forwarded to any Board member.

12. Northern Urban League (NUL)

We are not quite finished with NNC and starting to talk about the next series of local events! BASOC is organising the first of the (NUL) events in Grantown on Wednesday 29th May, with Callum planning. We are looking for an organiser, a computing lead, and other willing volunteers. If you are available and interested please contact Suzanne. Don't worry if you have no, or limited, experience we will look to provide the right support.