BASOC eNews, late September 2020

Faith Middle JSR

Faith Middle JSR
Credit: Will Heap

Posted: Thu 24 Sep 2020

There are events you can go to now - read on for more information. A few other things are also starting to happen, details below.

1. We can carry on orienteering!

Confirmation from Scottish Orienteering:
"Outdoor sport remains exempt from further restrictions with two notices:

A full explanation of how the current guidelines impact on our sport can be found on our website in news section. For now, keep orienteering, keep safe and please follow guidelines!

2. Tuesday=O

There is only remaining evenings before we have to look out and recharge the head torches (although it might be wise to take one along for Tuesday 29th September!). Make the most of daylight! Hilary Q. has laid on some challenging training in Inshriach.
We remain committed to providing local opportunities for members to orienteer locally, and to that end Tuesday training will continue as long as it is practicable to comply with rules and regulations. Controls will remain in forests for a few weeks at a time - the 20 or so currently in Inshriach will stay at least until the end of September. PDF maps can be obtained from Hilary Q. Please continue to book your place for Tuesday evenings. Detail is being kept up to date on the BASOC website and we urge you to download the Protect Scotland app if you have a smartphone.

3. MAROC event

MAROC are holding a local event at Cambus O’ May (near Ballater) on this Sunday 27th September. Pre-entry only – closes midnight TONIGHT Thursday 24th September. Blue, Light Green, orange & White courses available.

4. MORAVIAN event

Their event on Saturday 19th September went well so we're all invited to their next one (assuming no further restrictions at that point). It's at Brodie Castle on 31st October. For more information head to the Moravian website.

5. Developing our planners.

Scottish Orienteering relies on the skills of the volunteer members to plan the courses we all enjoy participating in. More planners = healthy options for clubs. Join the movement.
There is a series of online workshops / discussions coming soon – more details are on the Scottish Orienteering website with a sign up date (via a Google Form) of 30thOctober.
Even if you already plan events, there are topics which might interest you in your development as a planner. Suggestions for topics are also welcome.

6. Regional Development Officer (RDO) News

Here is a PDF of the RDO North Area News from Sarah Dunn. Topics are:

7. Have you heard about this event?

Coasts and Islands Orienteering Week 2021 Sunday 25th July to Friday 30th July 2021
From the website:
“You’ll begin in Ullapool, which at 1500 residents is one of the largest towns in this remote part of Scotland! Then you’ll move southwards through Gairloch, Torridon and finishing near (in Highland travel terms) to the Scottish 6 Days event centre in Fort William.
We’re still finalising the areas you’ll run on but we’re sure they won’t disappoint! You’ll be running through forests, on open hills and through towns. There’ll be at least 5 races, maybe more depending on the length of the races. We’ll provide 3 courses: long technical, short technical and an easy option.”

8. Talent Squad Assessment weekend.

As a result of strong performances in the Junior Selection Races at the end of August, Alice & Faith have been selected to go to the Talent Squad Assessment weekend in Edinburgh at the start of October – congratulations! There was a very strong showing of Scottish athletes in the W16 races; six out of the nine W16s selected for the assessment weekend are from Scotland!

9. The Run In Podcast

The Run In Podcast have requested us to circulate information about the podcast to you all.
"Hello fellow orienteers,
We're writing to let you know that you can now listen to over 30 episodes of our podcast, The Run In. It's made with club orienteers in mind, and gives you a fun and chatty insight into the experiences of orienteers from the UK and beyond.
As a member of the GB team, Will brings his international experience, and as a journalist and commentator, Katherine gets to the heart of the guest's story.
Recent highlights include:

New full-length episodes are released every fortnight, and we have recently added some quick-fire "Sprint" episodes, meaning there's something new to listen to every week.
You can listen on desktop via Stitcher or on your phone. We're on most of the major podcast apps: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podcast Addict etc. Just search "The Run In".
We're also on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
We hope you enjoy listening!
Katherine Bett (SN) and Will Gardner (OD)"

Published by Lynne Walker