BASOC eNews March 2021

2019 6days group

2019 6days group
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Posted: Fri 12 Mar 2021

Yes we can go orienteering again! Read on for the opportunities, put provisional dates in your diary!

1. Tuesday O is back!

We are now allowed to have up to 15 adults taking part in local orienteering activity, so you are invited to book your place for this Tuesday, 16th March, for the session starting 6:30pm at Inshriach. Book by email to Hilary Q, ; you will be sent the map to print yourself, and you will be given details of where to meet. You must give all the names of people who will be attending, and the session is only for BASOC members.
As well as getting back into our lovely forests again, remember that there are a load of very very hungry ticks out there, just waiting for you! The ticks are happy and are enjoying the spring season, which for them means feasting on animals and humans. Therefore, have a healthy habit of looking carefully for ticks and if found on your body, remove them directly. Use covering clothes and repellents - think carefully about the join between your socks and trousers at your ankles, this is an area where ticks often find a way onto your legs.
The Scottish Orienteering guidance is on their website.

2. Lochaber 2021 update

Here is the latest update from the Day Organiser for Lochaber 2021 Day 5 (the day BASOC are involved with helping)
"Key message is that the event is on for now. No major financial commitments are required until May when a hard decision may be required. However there are 1200 entries to date and the budgeted number this year is 2000, so well on track based on previous years. Day 5 is in good shape from a planning point of view."

3. Scottish Orienteering events calendar

Scottish Orienteering have published a provisional events calendar.
Have a look at this, get the dates in your diary – but remember that things can change! Here is the outline:

4. INVOC & MOR calendars

MOR have adjusted their O calendar and forthcoming events can be viewed on their website. Remember that these dates are provisional and can change as circumstances dictate.
INVOC March to mid-April iROMP is at Gallowhill, just over the Kessock Bridge (so that might be a bit too far to consider travelling?). BASOC members are welcome to apply for a map. They also have details of their MapRun courses on the website.

5. Scottish Orienteering Community Conversations

The first ‘Community Conversation’ is on Monday 15thMarch and the topic for discussion is ‘Gender Equality’ You can read more about this and sign up on the Scottish Orienteering website.

What other topics will be covered in the Community Conversations?
“We are putting together a series of discussion areas and hope to host this virtual discussion on a monthly basis, each time putting together a relevant panel and inviting member contributions. We welcome any suggestions of topics for discussion, here are what we have pencilled in so far:

6. British Championships 2021 – provisional rescheduling

Here is the news item from the British Orienteering website.
"Planning and hosting Major Events such as the various British Championships in the current climate is very difficult, however all the teams involved with these events are still working hard to try and stage their event in 2021. All dates for 2021 are provisional and we have discussed possible dates as to when each team will make a decision as to whether the events can go ahead under COVID restrictions that may be in place across the home nations at the planned time of the event. The purpose of this provisional advance information is to allow those who are seeking to take part in a British Championships the opportunity to try and plan their diary and training schedule accordingly.

Published by Lynne Walker