BASOC eNews mid-May 2021

Map And Compass

Map And Compass

Posted: Wed 19 May 2021

Things are becoming more definite regarding events. Scottish Orienteering have also issued revised guidance about things we can now do.

1. Events coming up

Remember that pre-entry is required for events. Events will usually be listed on the SIEntries website or Fabian4 website.

While in Scotland there are limits to the numbers at events (Level 2 = 500, Level 1 = 1000 per day) there are no limits in England. The British Middle Champs, 5th June, Lakes = 1202 entries and the Northern Champs, 6th June, Lakes = 1568!

2. Updated BASOC calendar / spreadsheet

Download the calendar (excel spreadsheet) it shows all the known events / training at the moment. You can easily personalise it if you want to!

3. MapRun and 5km runs

A reminder to all that we have several MapRun courses available (more to come by the end of June) and some 5km 'Run with a map' and that these are on the BASOC website.

4. Scottish Orienteering L2 Guidance

Scottish Orienteering published the latest guidance document which is effective from Monday 17th May.

5. Scottish Orienteering AGM

This will take place via Zoom on Friday 25th June 2021. Registration for the AGM, AGM papers and voting details are now out. Scottish Orienteering is a membership organisation - it is up to you to have your say!

6. Scottish Orienteering Community Conversation.

The next Community Conversation will take place on Monday 27th May at 7:30pm via Zoom. The topic is “How inclusive is our sport?”

7. One day First Aid course

Scottish Orienteering have advertised a subsidised one day First Aid course, cost £50. This is primarily aimed at coaches in the North Area clubs. It is mixture of online learning (self guided as well as tutor led) and a face to face session (16th June in Nairn). Last date for registration is 9th June 2021.

Published by Lynne Walker