BASOC eNews, mid-October 2020

Alice JSR

Alice JSR
Credit: Will Heap

Posted: Wed 14 Oct 2020

Things are starting to happen in the orienteering world!

1. Advance notice of BASOC AGM

We will be holding our 2020 AGM on Sunday 6th December. We hope to have the club champs in the morning (restrictions allowing) and the AGM online later on. Please put the date in your diary and we'll get more details sorted in the next few weeks.

2. Tuesday=DarkO

Clare and Lil are organising the training for October. Just a reminder that folk should still contact Hilary Q. to pre-register and she will send maps. All details are on the website

3. Up to date Covid-19 regulations regarding orienteering

As you will be well aware, from Friday 9thOctober for 16 days parts of Scotland are subject to restrictions. To find out the impact on orienteering, Scottish Orienteering have issued Guidelines on local restrictions.
There is also an article on the BASOC website (with accompanying map, makes restriction areas so much easier to see!) about how this applies to our activities.

4. MapRun courses

In November Tuesday=DarkO training will be based around the MapRun courses. If you decide to do any of them before then, Grantown (1 x long, 1 x short) will not be used in November; in Aviemore there are 2 x long and 1 x short in each of Aviemore N and Aviemore S. You might decide to leave one of the long courses in each area to do during Tuesday=DarkO. The Aviemore S short course is entirely within the Aviemore Macdonald resort so is suitable for any age to do. There will be additional MapRun courses at Kincraig & Dunachton for the November training.
If anyone is travelling during the October holidays, check out the list of courses on the Scottish Orienteering website – remember to print out maps before you go!

5. MOR event at Roseisle.

Seize the opportunity to have a run around this lovely area on Saturday 31st October 2020. Details are on the MOR website. Pre-entry essential - this will open soon.

6. Have you had a look at the upcoming courses relating to planning?

Sign ups are required by 30th October 2020.
The courses should appeal to a wide range of planners – from novice to experienced. If you have an idea for a course then please complete the form.

7. MOR First Aid course

MOR are holding a one day First Aid course in the Forres / Elgin area. If you are interested please contact as soon as possible.

8. Want to do more orienteering than Tuesday=DarkO?

There is now a ROMP out at Glenmore, details on the Scottish Orienteering website.

9. Faith & Alice at the Talent Assessment camp

Faith & Alice had a very enjoyable time in Edinburgh at the Talent Assessment camp, both talking about how much they learnt. Read the article from Faith and find out what the rest of the Kenyon family got up to!

10. Feeling rusty with your orienteering technique?

Check out the Better Orienteering website for reminders and maybe even some techniques you do not use at present. In the post that went out to clubs they even mentioned BASOC and the article on our website.
A lot of orienteering skills and concepts can be shown very quickly and effectively in videos. The Better Orienteering Playlist contains the learning videos used across Better Orienteering ordered from Beginner to Advanced. These videos are all made by elite or very experienced orienteers who give good advice on how to orienteer.

Published by Lynne Walker