Badenoch & Strathspey Orienteering Club

BASOC eNews November 2023

Credit: Lynne Walker
Published: Thu 2 Nov 2023

Events to look forward to, Tuesday=O training details and loads of other news.

1. BASOC events

Wednesday 29th November: NNC1 Ellan Wood, Carrbridge.
We are using SIEntries for this event. Up to date information will be on the BASOC website.
There will be soup and bread after NNC1 (there will be a donations box).

Saturday 9th December 2023: Loch Vaa N incorporating club champs.
Please come to our local event near Boat of Garten on Saturday 9 December. Registration will be from 13:30 to 13:45 - we're not taking pre-entries so it's important that you arrive in that time slot.
The slightly quirky score event will decide our Club Champion, but that title rarely goes to the person you'd expect it to.
Club members (must have joined by 01:00 Friday 8 December) get their entry free of charge and are eligible for the title of Club Champion.
To enter, simply turn up on the day. Full details are on the BASOC website.
Teas, coffee and cakes after the BASOC event / club champs (there will be a donations box). Contributions of home baking welcome.
Everyone is also invited to the club AGM (though only members can vote), which immediately precedes the event.
Remember that if you join now, your membership will be valid until the end of 2024.

Local training and events are all on the BASOC Calendar (updated 1st November 2023).


Saturday 9th December 2023: Boat of Garten Community Hall. You will receive an email about this later this week; the email will have all the details in it e.g. start time etc.

3. Joining and Membership Renewal

From 1 November new people joining (with either BOF or SOA option) will get their membership valid to the end of 2024 - and they will be eligible to vote and participate in the AGM and they will be eligible to win the Club Championship. Why wait? Join now!

4. BASOC Tuesday=O

Details will be added to the Tuesday=O page as they are known.
7th / 14th / 21st November = North Granish
26th December = Fun festive themed DayO in Church Wood, Grantown on Spey. Social afterwards in the Wheatley Church Hall, adjacent to the O area.
2nd January 2024 = DayO probably Dunachton / Kincraig TBC
9th & 16th January 2024 = Dunachton / Kincraig TBC

5. NNC calendar

NNC1: 29th November: BASOC, Ellan Wood
NNC2: 6th December: MOR, Burgie Arboretum
NNC3: 13th December: INVOC, Merkinch
NNC4: 24th January: BASOC, Spey Valley Golf Course
NNC5: 31st January: MOR, Carsehill
NNC6: 7th February: INVOC, Nairn East Beach
Check the MOR and INVOC websites for further details.

6. MOR & INVOC local events

Saturday 25th November 2023: MOR at Culbin East
Sunday 26th November 2023: INVOC at Littlemill (Inverarnie). This event was due to be held on 5 November. It is now being held on 26 November instead. Due to not having found a controller INVOC are also downgrading it to a Local (level D) event, but it will still give good quality orienteering in an interesting area.

7. BASOC Board minutes

The Board met by Zoom on Monday 16th October 2023. Minutes on the BASOC website.

8. Congratulations!

On 7th October 2023 Isabella (Belle) Rosalie Tullie arrived. Congratulations to James & Lyndsay Tullie.

9. BASOC at events

Roseisle: Stuart & Emma Swann, Rebecca, Pat & Ray Morris, Clare Kemsley all went to Roseisle on Saturday 21st October. Stuart won the Orange course, well done! It was very wet – or so I hear!

SOL 5: Marion, Clare, Jo and Rebecca all headed for Devilla Forest (Fife) on Sunday 29th October. Again another wet outing with the drainage ditches running like small burns!

10. IOF Control descriptions

These have been updated, implemented for all events from January 2024. Make sure you know the changes - maybe we should ahve a quiz at the social after the BASOC Festive Fun event on 26th Decemeber?
Major Changes to the 2018 version:

  1. Now covers both ISOM and ISSprOM – that is forest & sprint O.
  2. Description Sheet should be printed in black.
  3. If the clarification symbol in column C is not sufficient to unambiguously define the placement of the control flag then the feature is not suitable for a control site.
  4. Use of Copse symbol extended to include a more runnable area of trees surrounded by thicker forest.
  5. Use of Building symbol extended to include a pillar supporting a roof.
  6. New symbol added for a Railway or tramway.
  7. Use of Top and Beneath symbols extended to include the Upper or Lower of two levels.
  8. New symbol added for a map flip (turn the map over)

11. New O website

Check out this new website, for O information. It is still in the ‘building’ phase. My initial impression is that it is a good place to send beginners; Better Orienteering is the site to go to for more technical information.