Badenoch & Strathspey Orienteering Club

BASOC eNews October 2021

Jane and Walter at the Scottish Relay Championships 2019
Jane and Walter at the Scottish Relay Championships 2019
Credit: Jane Chisholm
Published: Thu 21 Oct 2021

A variety of news this month - and have you got the date of the Club Champs and AGM in your diary? there are quite a few events coming up as well.

1. ScotJOS selections for 2021 / 2022

Congratulations to Alice and Faith who are selected for ScotJOS squad 2021 - 2022

2. Club Champs & AGM, Saturday 13th Nov, Newtonmore.

Details of the club champs are on the BASOC website.

AGM details will be sent out in a separate email – so look out for this!

3. Minutes of the Special General Meeting

These are available on the website.

4. Tuesday=O

Ann McGougan is in charge for 26th October; the training will be in Dulnain Wood.
2nd, 9th and 16th November are in Loch Vaa SW with parking at the Laggantygown Cemetery.
23rd November is a NightO event at Spey Valley Golf Course (part of the Northern Night Cup – see below).
30th November is Church Wood in Grantown.
The BASOC website will have details of all these.
Controls remain out in Inshriach until the end of October, suitable for day or night practice. Contact Hilary Quick for a map.

5. Northern Night Cup (NNC)

This is a series of events (6) held by BASOC, Moravian and INVOC. It will be a league with the Long and Short courses counting towards the league.
NNC 1: Tuesday 23rd November: Spey Valley Golf Course, BASOC
NNC 2: Wednesday 1st December: Culbin, MOR
NNC 3: Wednesday 15th December: Nairn East Beach, INVOC
NNC 4: Tuesday 11th January: Tolquhonie TBC, BASOC
NNC 5: Wednesday 19th January: TBC, INVOC
NNC 6: Wednesday 26th January: TBC, MOR

6. Events happening!

Keep an eye out on the Moravian, INVOC, MAROC and GRAMP websites for information regarding events which are quite local to us.
The Scottish Orienteering calendar is another source of information, especially if you are travelling anywhere around the country or looking for an ‘orienteering fix’.
If you are looking for some events over the Festive holiday period, there is the first edition of the Christmas Cup.
It looks as if the Edinburgh Big Weekend will happen 21st – 23rd January 2022. This is always a good weekend of racing and catching up with people.
Jane Chisholm is doing the Grampian Mountain Challenge over the weekend of 6th / 7th November – would be great to get a report from this Jane!