BASOC Equipment store



Posted: Sat 15 Dec 2018

The new equipment store is now in use.

For many years the BASOC equipment store was housed in some farm sheds at Avielochan. This location was very convenient, being around the geographical centre of Badenoch & Strathspey. BASOC would like to thank the farmer for use of the shed over the years. There were some negatives though; the shed was not vermin proof - it was always wondering if something would leap out at me as I opened the door; it was damp, dark and dusty; while some of the storage fittings were good, there was a lack of possible organisation for the kit.

2018 and something had to be done. After an appeal, Hilary Quick offered BASOC a patch of land (rent free) to site a store on close to her house at Insh. Ian Hall then took over the project management, sourcing a suitable shed and arranging delivery, followed by getting a small working team together to build the shed. Mark Cox (and his helpers) was then able to fit out the shed with shelving etc. almost custom-made for the equipment we have / will have in the future, including a step so we have easy access while carrying armfuls of equipment.

The club owes all of these people and their helpers a huge thank you. We now have a bespoke equipment store where it is easy to see where everything should go (once it is dry please!). Access to the store is using the same keypad as before; there is no lighting inside so remember your torch. Here are some photos of the BASOC Equipment store.