BASOC Juniors selected

Izzy Cox

Izzy Cox

Posted: Tue 25 Jun 2019

Three BASOC juniors have been selected for summer orienteering camps

Alice, Anna and Izzy will all be joining JROS (Junior Regional Orienteering Squad) summer camps. Izzy will be in Stockholm in August while Anna heads for Deeside and Alice for Lagganlia in July.
Lynne 'caught' up with them to find out more about their hopes etc. for their time on the training camps.

A few hours before I found out I’d been selected for Stockholm, an email arrived confirming Anna's selection for Deeside. Though this certainly made me a bit nervous, it was exciting news and I knew she’d be thrilled. Fast forward several hours, and I was travelling home in the car when Anna texted me saying well done on my selection; turns out signal in the Cairngorms is not very reliable (who knew?!) and she found out from a friend seconds before the email popped up in my inbox!
Reading through the details I was so excited, and delighted to learn that amongst those selected was a mix of people I know well, and others I’ve never met. I can’t wait for 2 weeks of proper Scandi terrain (and weather) and all the amazing planned activities. I’ve never tried mountain bike orienteering before, so the Swedish sprint champs feels like a good place to start; hopefully I don’t injure myself or anyone else before some live music from Hozier or Bastille!
To get selected for Stockholm, I had to attend a number of selection races. Amongst these was the infamous JK, this year in the South of England. I had never been before, so wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to discover some enjoyable new areas and catch a bit of sun, though I’m sure these will be common occurrences in Sweden!
As well as the South of England, the selection races took me to Sheffield for the Northern Champs, a race that distinctly felt more like home - likely due to the snow, and to the Yorkshire Dales for a hilly British Long Champs. Before these races, I had only orienteered in England once, so before I’ve even started to think about thinking about packing for Sweden, I’ve been given the opportunity (or excuse, to my parents) to travel to such different areas, challenge my skills, and develop new ones.
This was also possible because of my club who welcomed us few juniors and encouraged us without fail at every event and training session. Additionally, the elite athlete program in school helped me develop specific skills and strengths that I otherwise wouldn’t. I completely encourage anyone offered these chances to welcome them with open arms (ahem, Anna, Alice), and take all the help and opportunities you can get!
I’m looking forward to a summer full of orienteering in new places and catching up with friends at every opportunity. Good luck to everyone else off to races and camps this summer, and enjoy!

Anna responded to some questions:
The first person I told was my friend who was with me at the time as I was surprised and excited. I then messaged my sister to find out that she had also been selected.
I was very happy, I had been doubting if I would get selected or not so was surprised and slightly overwhelmed.
I am most looking forward to spending time with friends who live far away and the good quality of training.
I am not dreading anything! After last years tour I have realised there is nothing to dread, everyone is so supportive and helpful while on tour.
As always, I hope to develop my skills in all areas of orienteering and make friends with the people I don't know so well.
Although bringing a matching pair of shoes on tour probably helps (note: Anna discovered that she had taken different size shoes to the training camp in 2018!), my biggest piece of advice would to be put as much into it as you can, focusing and concentrating could make such a big difference as there is so much to gain from being there.
Anything else you would like to add? It really is such a good camp and there is so much to gain from it, I am very excited to be going this year and can't wait to continue to develop my understanding and skills!

This will be Alice's first experience of an orienteering squad training camp. Alice also responded to some questions:
When I first heard about Lagganlia it was my mum that was the only person I cared about telling as she was the one who got me to this point.
I was shocked by the news at first, not feeling I had done nearly enough to even be considered for a place compared to others.
As a late starter to orienteering and in a smaller club I don't know as many of the orienteers my age so I really look forward to making some new friends in my time on the tour.
Although I am a bit nervous I wouldn't go as far to say I'm dreading anything, I'm sure if I try my best it will be fine.
I am of course hoping to improve my orienteering from getting a different view on my orienteering by some amazing coaches who love the sport.
As a last comment, thank you to this amazing club for performing the miracle of getting me this far with a smile on my face.

Thank you Izzy, Anna & Alice for this. All BASOC congratulate you on your selection, it shows the hard work that you put into always trying to get better with your orienteering. We look forward to hearing about your experiences at the squad camps when you return from them. (Hint Hint - an article for the website!).