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BASOC late June e-News, a potential club trip?

Nevis Range O
Nevis Range O
Credit: Nevis Range website
Published: Sat 22 Jun 2024

Details of a club trip (potential!) and who is doing what this summer.

1. Opening of the UK's highest O course - potential club trip?

Nevis Range - the Highest Orienteering Course in the UK opens on Saturday 29th June from 4:30pm. How about making this a BASOC outing?

Andy Llewellyn has been working with Nevis Range on this course and he says:

"All are warmly invited to the 'opening ceremony' of the highest permanent orienteering course in the UK at the Nevis Range on the evening of Saturday 29th June from 4.30pm.
The course has been installed over the last few weeks and is based on a brand new professionally drawn map from Dave Peel. We plan to 'cut the tape' at 5pm at the top gondola station, then have an hour score running around the course before heading back down on the gondola with optional food/drinks in the GGT bar. Further details below. Nevis Range will look to use this opportunity to take photos for publicity purposes and have kindly offered a 50% discount on the gondola.
Please do consider supporting this initiative to help grow the sport in Lochaber and provide more opportunities for locals/visitors to try our great sport!"


How to enter/book:

Please note by taking part in this you agree to have your photo taken for promotional purposes of the course (let Andy know if any probs and he is sure he can sort something).
Some more general details about the course on the Go orienteering page. Should be a nice and social evening. Long range forecast looks good for next weekend!"

2. Who is doing what O this summer?

A troll through the various multiday websites has revealed:

Please let Lynne know if you are going anywhere for O this summer. It would be great if you could also send her a few words, some photos and some screen shots of the maps.