Calling all juniors!North Area Training Day and Junior Inter Area weekend

Posted: Mon 4 Sep 2017

Two exciting opportunities coming up for our juniors. First up is a North Area training day near Grantown and then a weekend of fun competition based from Stirling. Read on to find out more!

The 2nd of this year's North Area training days will be taking place on Saturday 7th October near Grantown. Jess will be leading the coaching team, with coaches from other clubs helping out as well. Juniors need to be able to independently navigate an orange (TD3) course to come along on this training day. At the last training day in February at Culbin, there were about 30 juniors, with a healthy BASOC contingent. If you are interested please chat to Jess.

At the end of the month is the annual Junior Inter Area competition. This is a competition where Scotland is split into 3 areas; North, South and West. The North team is made up of juniors from the 5 northern clubs; BASOC, INVOC, MOR, GRAMP and MAROC. Juniors need to be able to complete a yellow course (TD2) to take part. We will travel as a club, with the relay on the Saturday near Livingston, staying with all the juniors at Stirling Youth Hostel and then the individual is at Drummond Hill near Aberfeldy. The club has previously subsidised this trip by 50% and would look to doing the same again this year. Again, chat to Jess if you're interested!