Club Champs and Northern Night Cup

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Posted: Tue 27 Nov 2018

Reminder about the club champs. Details about entering online for the Northern Night Cup.

Club Champs - Newtonmore, Sunday 2nd December.
Suitable for all abilities, handicap decided by a small group of people (easily bribed). Score event, exact length of time to be decided on day; it will be 30 min or 45 min depending on the weather.
More details.

Northern Night Cup series.
Enter NOW using SIEntries. It is really easy as you can enter all the events you are able to go to with one session at the computer. Please pre-enter as it makes things on the night much easier for a very small volunteer team.
NNC1 - Craig Leach, INVOC, more details
NNC2 - Loch Vaa North, BASOC
NNC3 - Roseisle North, MORAVIAN, more details
NNC4 - Heathfield (TBC), BASOC
NNC5 - Littlemill, INVOC
NNC6 - Findhorn, MORAVIAN, more details
How about using the BASOC Members Facebook page for transport sharing?