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Restricted areas October 2020

Restricted areas October 2020
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Posted: Fri 9 Oct 2020

A brief summary of the discussion with Scottish Orienteering on 8th October 2020

You will have seen the latest restrictions released by the Scottish Government with the restrictions coming into force today, Friday 9th October 2020. What impact does this have on our sport and our activities in BASOC? The notes below are from the discussion hosted by Scottish Orienteering on Thursday 8th October 2020.
From Scottish Orienteering
"Following consultation with sportscotland we have been given permission to continue with our existing guidance that allow local/regional events and coaching activities to continue in line with our published guidance. However, we ask ALL members to comply with Scottish Government guidelines with particular note of local health board areas which have further restrictions over the next two weeks.
**Travel to or from an area with Scottish Government local measures or restrictions in place to undertake sport or physical activity should where possible be avoided**
Further details of local restrictions and our guidance for these areas will be published on our website before lunchtime today."
The full article can be read on the Scottish Orienteering website.

There is a lot of good news for our sport - especially with regard to transmission of the virus outside. It is considered to be a low risk of transmission outside provided you keep physical distance from each other, so the main implication for Tuesday=DarkO is that we avoid congregating closely when we finish our training and that we follow the guidelines on the BASOC website.

As the October school holidays are just about to happen, you might be thinking of going to an event held by another club. If this is the case, then follow the guidelines below:

If you have any questions at all about Covid-19 and orienteering then please do contact Hilary Q, Clare K or Lynne W.

Published by Lynne Walker