eNews, July 2018

Posted: Wed 25 Jul 2018

Paul & I have now returned from our extended wanderings; I am looking forward to catching up with some BASOC at Tuesday = O training over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, here are a few things for you. If you have anything for either the website or the BASOC news then please it send to Lynne.

1. Scottish InterClub Champs

Read on - you do not have to enter this because it is past and BASOC are the Scottish InterClub Champions - small clubs section! This is based on the placings of all members at the Scottish Champs at Achagour in May. So well done to all who entered the Scottish Champs, we had to be in it to win it and all who completed their course count. The trophy will be presented at the WOLF SOL in September, more details will follow later.

2. British Orienteering Incentive Scheme

A couple of our juniors have been awarded as follows

Anna Cox - Gold

Alice Kemsley - Bronze followed very quickly by Silver.

Congratulations to both of you!

3. Summer orienteering camps and events

Reports from July camps & events are on the website:

Kat has written about the ScotJOS tour to Gotland

Lynne has told the story of wanderings in Denmark and the World Masters

We look forward to reading about the OOCup, the Lakes 5 and the Lagganlia Junior tour.

4. Strathearn 2019

I am sure you all now have the dates for the next Scottish 6 Days blocked out on the calendar Strathearn 2019 28th July to 3rd August 2019. BASOC have been allocated Day 3 at Dundurn on Tuesday 30th July 2019. We are still looking for an organiser from BASOC for this event. Please contact Lynne for more details.

5. WOLF SOL 2018, 23rd September

Jo and Clare are organising so will be looking for everyone to offer to help out at the event. There is also a coaching day planned for the previous day 22nd September, probably Uath Lochans in the afternoon.

6. BASOC Store

In the last eNews, I mentioned that we are looking for a new place for all the BASOC kit. At the moment we have the potential offer of a shed - which we then need somewhere to put it. Please contact Lynne with any ideas.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and your runs in dry sunlit forests!