eNews June 2019

Marion And Callum

Marion And Callum

Posted: Tue 18 Jun 2019

Lots to read this month - keep on scrolling down as there will be something to interest you in the June eNews.

1. Events: volunteering and helping to put events on.

BASOC are having a low key event year in 2019, all these events would not happen without the small army of volunteers who come along on the day to support the main officials.

Jamie Stevenson Trophy
First of all, many thanks to all who helped to stage the JST at Kingussie on Sunday 9th June. Jane Cox organised all the volunteers (with assistance from Ann McG), Clare K took on her first main planning duties while Hilary Q kept all in order with controlling the event.

Strathearn 2019, Day 3 (Tuesday 30th July), Dundurn
The next event where BASOC volunteers are required is Strathearn 2019, Day 3. Jo has a list of people who have offered to help (thank you!) and she will email you next week regarding the duties and shift times.
Alison is running Elite and needs to stick to the time she is allocated between 12 and 2. She has offered to help clean up. All other BASOC helpers will have a time and PS (= Punching Start) on their bibs. If you can make the bib time, great. If not, you will get a PS start when you turn up at your Start.

BASOC Local event, Sunday 18th August 2019, Loch Vaa SE.
Please note change of date from Sat 17th to avoid a clash with a Moravian event. Initial planning is underway, there is the possibility of longish walk to registration. Further details hopefully to be put on website by the end of June.
Ann McGougan is organising and would be grateful if anybody who is able to help out on the day could email her:

6 Day Event 2021
Although this year's 6 Day Event hasn't yet happened, thought is already turning to the event in 2021, which will be loosely based near Fort William. As this is technically within BASOC's area, we have been asked to identify some people for the Central Organising Team (COT). The COT generally looks after matters that are common to all days; Hilary Q has the job descriptions and is keen to hear from anyone who might like to help in this way.

JK 2020
The North East Orienteering Association are very proud to be hosting the JK in 2020. However, we are well aware it is a major undertaking for any region, and particularly so for us with one of the smallest regional memberships in the country. To deliver a successful event we expect to need the majority of members in our own clubs to help out (on multiple days), but also depend on some volunteers from outside the region to offer support on a day. Please see the JK 2020 “Volunteering” page at www.thejk.org.uk/jk2020... for more details on what we are looking for. If your club is outside NEOA, but you feel you can offer us some assistance, please get in contact.

2. Events: going orienteering!

Remember that the Scottish Orienteering website has up to date details of all events in Scotland

Virtual controls are sometimes used - thereby making it a lot less work for the planner and giving the option for numerous different "courses".
Tuesday=O will continue, on every Tuesday, throughout the 'summer'. Details will be posted on the BASOC website.
Tuesday 25th June - a midsummer madness! Orienteering on (probably) the highest map in the UK and a beach b-b-q afterwards (weather permitting!).

3. BASOC hoodies

A message from Jo - action required quickly if you want a BASOC hoodie:
I have 2 orders for hoodies that I want to send in. To get the best price we need a minimum of 4. To have a chance of them coming in time for the 6 Day I need to send in the order by Tuesday 25th June.
Members can order them with or without a zip. Please take a look at the links below to the same brand club hoodie but with a zip; the sizes and prices are the same - zip or no zip. The prices advertised include the printed club logo on the left chest.
If someone wants to order please will they email me
* Black or purple
* With or without a zip
* Size
by 25th June.
If we put in an order for fewer than 4, each hoodie will be a bit more expensive.

4. BASOC juniors selected for training camps

Three BASOC juniors have been selected for training camps this summer - well done to all.
Alice Kemsley will be taking part in the Lagganlia Training camp, 20th - 27th July 2019
Anna Cox is heading for the Deeside Summer Tour, 20th - 27th July 2019
Izzy Cox is selected for the Stockholm Summer Tour, 13th - 25th August 2019.
More details regarding the camps is on the JROS website
There will shortly be an article on the BASOC website as well.

5. BASOC committee matters

The minutes of the committee meeting held on 13th May 2019 are on the BASOC website.

Update from the Committee: Mapping coordinator role
At our last meeting we welcomed James, our current Mapping Co-ordinator. He gave us an outline of his role and updated us with our map situation. Everything is in excellent order but, as many of you know, James will be moving away later this year. This leaves us without a Mapping Co-ordinator. As maps are our most important asset (we wouldn't be able to orienteer without them!), we're really keen to find someone to take over this important role. The basic role involves keeping a look-out for potential new areas to map and arranging for updates or new maps to be made as required. It shouldn't be very time-consuming, but it is very important to the club. If anyone is interested in taking on this role, or would like to know more details of what it involves, please get in touch with Hilary Q (Volunteer Co-ordinator). Many thanks to James for his hard work and for keeping the BASOC maps in such good shape, and we wish him success in his future adventures.

6. Scottish Orienteering items

There are a couple of meetings happening this week:
* North Area consultation meeting; Grantown on Spey, Thursday 20th June 7pm to 9pm, YMCA Details are on the Scottish Orienteering website.
* The 2019 AGM is also happening - on Saturday at Bo'ness (part of the Sprint Scotland weekend). Please do use your proxy vote if you are unable to attend.
Further details are on the Scottish Orienteering website, as well as a Proxy voting form. The form has to be returned (by email) by 21st June. Please note that Proposal no.4 has been withdrawn, by request from Hilary Q.

Score magazine: a reminder that there is a digital version which is now available to download Score here.

7. Other items

Well done, you have got this far!! Just one more item of interest:
Have you listened to the new orienteering podcast ‘The Run In’ yet? There are now two episodes, the first one has an interview with Kris Jones while Sasha Chepelin features in the second. The podcast is available through the Stitcher App and is hosted by Katherine Bett (commentator for a number of WOCs and various other events) and Will Gardner (GB squad). It really provides an insight into orienteering at elite level – very revealing!!

Enjoy a summer of orienteering - any articles for the website would be great to have as it might inspire others to orienteer further afield another year.