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2019 6days gemma

2019 6days gemma
Credit: Andy Johnson

Posted: Fri 13 Sep 2019

Reports from travels, BASOC events to look forward to and much, much more!

1. Reports from summer travels

Kat has written about her visit to ORingen here while Izzy also went to Sweden with JROS and her report is here.
Anna, Alice and Rob are all writing their reports, keep an eye out for them on the website.

2. Bill McCarthy

Bill McCarthy passed away on 22nd August 2019. He was one of the founder members of BASOC, introducing his sons to the sport of orienteering. Donald and Ewan have both excelled within orienteering and are still BASOC members although they both live in Sweden. BASOC wish to pass on our condolences to all the family. Marion, Norma and Mike Atherton have written a tribute to Bill here.

3. Joining British Orienteering - consider a Direct Debit

Do you find that you keep forgetting to renew your British Orienteering membership as it comes in while you are busy with festive things? It is possible – and easy – to set up a Direct Debit for this. Here is the information from British Orienteering about this:
Membership Renewals for 2020
2020 is ages away – why are we telling you this now?
British Orienteering only process membership direct debits once a year, this will happen in early December 2019 for the 2020 membership year. However, we do need to have everything ready to go. This means that all 2020 mandates must be returned to us by 30 September 2019. If you would like to renew your membership via Direct Debit please find the printable mandate form here.
If you've already registered for Direct Debit then your membership will automatically be renewed in early December 2019, for the 2020 membership year. You only need to complete a mandate once.
Do I have to do this? If you prefer to renew using a different method, that’s absolutely fine. All you will need to do is log in to your British Orienteering account and make a payment with a debit or credit card once the renewal process opens on the 1 November 2019. Alternatively, you can view other options to renew here.

4. BASOC members selected to run for Scotland

The Committee, on behalf of BASOC members, congratulate the following members:
Gemma Karatay (selected for VHIs, SOL5)
Anna Cox & Alice Kemsley (selected for JHIs, Ireland)
Anna Cox, Izzy Cox & Kat McGougan selected for JIRCs(South Yorks)
Alice, Anna and Izzy have also been selected for the ScotJOS squad for 2019 – 2020. Well done, this reflects your hard work.

5. BASOC events

Our event on Saturday 26 October will be at Loch Vaa SW
We have the key people in place (Callum and Hilary Scott) but will of course be looking for helpers on the day.

Our AGM and Club Champs will take place on 2nd November 2019 at Carrbridge Village Hall. We'll update you with more details later, but please put it in your diaries for now. NOTE: This is November, not December as in previous years.

Northern Night Cup
BASOC, INVOC and MOR are organising another Northern Night Cup for December 2019 and January 2020. We haven't been allocated specific dates yet but will most likely be running one event in December (4th, 11th, 18th) and one in January (8th, 15th 22nd; 29th is a reserve date in case the weather scuppers one of the other dates). We are looking for volunteers for a few positions:
* Trainee series co-ordinator. Johannes has decided that this will be his last year as overall organiser. He's looking for an apprentice to learn what needs doing and take over next year. This doesn't have to be a BASOC member but if you're keen, please contact Hilary or Gemma.
* Organiser for December event.
* Planner and organiser for January event.
* Controllers for any event - including ones planned by other clubs.
The planning and organising roles are fantastic opportunities if you are relatively new to planning or organising. It would be a great step if you have run a few Tuesdays and want to try something a little bigger. Don't worry - as always there will be plenty of support from more experienced members.
Please contact Hilary Q if you'd like to take on any of these roles.

WOLF 2020
BASOC and INVOC will be jointly running a WOLF on 26th and 27th September 2020 in the Grantown area. More details to follow.

6. BASOC Tuesday=O

Tuesday=O Safety
At our last meeting, the committee discussed safety at Tuesday=O events. We will be making a few changes in the near future. The key points are:
* We will operate a "buddy system". Please ensure that a single person is not left on their own at the end of a Tuesday=O. If you are the penultimate person/vehicle to leave, ensure the final person is ready to go before you leave.
* BASOC members will have the option of completing a next-of-kin / emergency details / medical details form to be kept in a sealed envelope with the First Aid Kit. Your form will only be opened in an emergency.
* Non-BASOC participants and BASOC members who choose not to keep a form with the First Aid Kit should fill out an EOD form with next of kin / emergency contact / medical details. Blank forms will be kept in the First Aid Kit; any completed forms should be passed to Hilary Q. with the attendance sheet.
We'll get these forms out as soon as possible. For now, please help us by implementing the buddy system on Tuesdays.

Tuesday=O: suggestions wanted for sessions!
Over the winter we'll run some indoor Tuesday sessions looking at course planning and anything else that folk want to learn about - please contact Hilary Q. with suggestions.

7. MTBO event, Church Wood & Anagach

Steve Smirthwaite is holding an MTBO event. Details are below:
Saturday 21st September MTBO Grantown-on-Spey (Church Wood & Anagach)
Starts 11.00 -12.00
Meet in the park opposite Craiglynne Hotel. Parking on road.
7.5k course that can be shortened to about 5k for juniors. There will involve 2 road crossings to go from Church Wood to Anagach and back.
Please indicate if you will be there by completing this Survey Monkey form.

8. BASOC Committee meeting, 26th August 2019

The minutes from the recent committee meeting are now on the BASOC website here. Please do have a read through them, there are quite a few items of interest to all of us and there are also requests for volunteers to come forward for various tasks.

From the minutes:
BASOC is hosting junior training on Sunday 27th October.
Junior Inter-Area Competition Weekend is 9th/10th November, Aberdeenshire.
Juniors wanting to attend/more info contact the Junior Rep, Izzy Cox