Is there a substitute for parkrun?Well yes, we think so

Control on boulder

Control on boulder

Posted: Wed 18 Mar 2020

Many of us are missing our weekly parkrun fix, so BASOC are offering a substitute - a collection of downloadable maps showing enjoyable 5km runs in lovely forests, which require only basic navigation skills.

YOU MUST CHECK THE CURRENT REGULATIONS BEFORE YOU GO, - THEY MAY CHANGE AND WE CAN'T GUARANTEE THAT WE'LL BE ABLE TO UPDATE THIS PAGE IMMEDIATELY. In particular, you must abide by limits on maximum number of people/households allowed to meet outdoors.


For anyone wanting a measured 5km run, but not sure where to go, here are a few maps of local orienteering areas with a route shown that gives you a nice run of that distance.

There are no markers at start or finish, or at the control sites. Start at the triangle, go along the obvious track or path route to each numbered circle in turn, and finish at the double circle. In a normal orienteering event there would be a control marker at each circle. Use the walk to the start to familiarise yourself with the map scale and symbols.

Navigation-wise, these routes are all very easy. The most important technique to use is SET YOUR MAP - turn it so the way you're going is always straight ahead. Get it right before you start running, and turn it each time you turn a corner, and you won't need a compass. Watch for minor landmarks to "tick off" as you pass them so you know how far you've gone - if you're not used to maps at this scale, you might easily go too far. It also helps if you fold the map so you can focus on the bit where you are. Re-fold as you progress.

On each map there are brief instructions on where to park and how to get to the start, and we understand those car parks are now open (July) but if they're not, please respect local residents when you choose where to park. There's also a (separate) legend which applies to all of the maps.

If you meet anyone else out there, remember to remain at least 2m apart, no high-fives or shaking hands! Otherwise it's like any run, be sensible, tell someone where you're going. Please stay on paths and tracks and watch for forestry vehicles, bikes etc.. BASOC are supplying these maps and guidance in good faith but we take no responsibility for condition of paths or your navigational ability.

Access to all areas is covered by the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

Follow the advice of the Scottish Government and NHS Inform. And - of course - LEAVE NO LITTER.

Feedback please to Hilary Quick via our Contacts page.


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