Junior Selection Policy

Posted: Mon 25 Nov 2019

Important information if you are a BASOC junior who wants to represent Scotland and Great Britain at home and abroad.

This document contains the details of:
1. JROS (Junior Regional O Squads) training camps and the races you should go to to try for selection; these depend on your age and take place at Lagganlia, Deeside, Stockholm, Gothenburg. Anna, Izzy and Alice were all on JROS camps during summer 2019.

2. British Orienteering Teams and Talent Squad. The document details the available opportunities and the races which will be used for selection.

3. JHI (Junior Home International) and JIRC (Junior Inter Regional). Scottish teams will be selected for both of these. Kat, Izzy, Anna and Alice have all taken part in these competitions this year.

4. ScotJOS (Scottish Junior Orienteering Squad). The squad is selected for 2019 - 2020. The policy regarding selection for late 2020 - 2021 is outlined. Alice, Anna and Izzy are currently members of ScotJOS.