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Alison Postbox O

Alison Postbox O

Posted: Mon 11 May 2020

What is life like in the deep south (well, Glasgow)?

Hello from the south!

Lynne has asked me (abet quite a few days ago!) to give you all an update from lovely Glasgow on Ross and my lockdown thus far. Well I have to say it hasn't actually been all that exciting it seems compared to all the lovely adventures I'm seeing from you all. Really makes me rather jealous of all the outdoor space you have. But we have been up to some stuff ourselves since we both were put on Furlough just before Easter. I've tried to take a leaf out of Kat's book and make a list of stuff I'd like to get done so there is some focus.

What have we been doing:


Ross is a great chef and I'm trying my best to help. We have mostly been making Joe Wicks meals to ensure we have nice fresh stuff to stay healthy and fuel training. Fresh stuff we are finding ok at supermarkets but still stressful with the whole social distancing and in the city that’s been kinda hard. Also I made my own oat milk! Its lovely!


I've started working with Donald Petrie as a coach and so we are following his two-week blocks. A lot more speed sessions and sadly less orienteering than I've been doing. Really glad I have Ross around to help motivate the speed work otherwise that would be hard on ones own! And even harder when also worrying about being around others. Many of the parks in Glasgow have been really busy, needing to pick the right time of day to go out. I'm needing to start on the EUOC strength that Kat gave me too.

Lockdown orienteering!

I entered the sprint weekend and now their next classic weekend. I highly recommend it. You don't need to do the Catching Feature stages and I enjoyed doing their jigsaw puzzles and rapid route choices. The team are doing a great job with some of the stages even being created especially for the lockdown events. (Ben brown is getting good!) But also just think it is a great thing to support as money going to the GB team and other orienteering initiatives (like a club in Africa to make maps!). Plus the facebook group created just for the event participants does help to give it a bit of an event feel. Hopefully along with the lockdown I can start to get out on some of the park maps around the south side of Glasgow as well. STAG has been supportive on getting people maps and Postbox-o courses, again its been more that many people are in the parks that’s been off putting. Maybe the forecasted rain will help with getting some orienteering in.


I have started crocheting again. I'm attempting some Christmas (?! Yes you read that right) present prototypes. I want to make people dishcloths that can replace sponges that can continue to be used instead and reduce waste. Also face scrubies, as some of my colleges like to wear a lot of makeup. And then I'm jumping on the bandwagon of mask making. With Ross having just changed jobs and us using lockdown for a clean out we have a fair few shirts that I'm hoping to make into masks instead of put in the fabric recycling (which isn't open just now). Wish me luck!


In the whole clean out process I've realised I have a TON of notes from uni that I would like to keep but feel I don't need in physical form. So I'm slowly scanning them in to live on the computer instead. (Might be easier to search if I ever need to haha) but I've realised my documents are a mess. In digging through the mess though I've found a project from when I was in high school that I would like to share with you all. So please find the next post from me with a bunch of photos of my "Children's book with a Meaningful Value message" basically if you work hard you can achieve your goals 🏃‍♀️ . I hope you enjoy :) Ed note: this is available on the BASOC Members Facebook page.

Hope that this ramble update finds you all well and that we are allowed back to the home land soon to see you all!

Alison & Ross x🐺

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