News from the Cairngorms Big Weekend

Cairngorm nature 2022

Cairngorm nature 2022

Posted: Wed 8 Jun 2022

Jo updates us on the event in Grantown.

Lynne, Suzanne, and Nick planned and set out a Score event in Church Wood Grantown on May 14th for the Cairngorm Nature BIG weekend. Ian and Jo ran it for two hours and were delighted to have 13 adults and 23 young people aged 12 and under, mainly in family units. Most people walked or ran but a few cycled round. We were lucky to have glorious weather with everyone coming back from their run saying how much they enjoyed the course. The 3 BASOC banners flying in the breeze gave the venue a festive look.

Izzy and Kat have maintained contact and several of the participants turned up for the taster evenings. So far, the weather has been kind, the midgies not yet biting and the training sessions fun. It will be most encouraging if the new people continue coming to Tuesday training and end up joining BASOC.

Photo: Arianna Phin, Sarah Di Rollo, Isabella Di Rollo

Published by Hilary Quick