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Stay home

Stay home

Posted: Tue 24 Mar 2020

"Life should not feel normal. Stay local, stay at home"

The message from both the British Government and the Scottish Government is very strong "Stay at home." We are very fortunate to live in a lovely part of Scotland where this should not be a hardship. As a club it is important that we support one another as much as possible - this means abiding by the stringent measures put in place by the governments on 23rd March 2020.

"Life should not feel normal" is another statement seen in the last few days. From my personal experience it is not normal for me - since arriving home a week ago, I have not been to a shop (weekly shop planned for Wednesday in Grantown, opportunity to support local shops), the car has not moved at all, I have communicated and interacted on Facebook and Twitter, I have phoned up people I would normally see every so often. I believe that the last three are ways to stay in touch and that is what this eNews is mainly about.

1. Communication

This eNews is being 'pushed' to you as we are sending it out and you can choose whether to open it / read it etc.
BASOC have another couple of means of communication where you 'pull' the information and you can also interact with others through the medium.

Facebook: There is the Badenoch and Strathspey Orienteering Club page which is an open page anyone can see. We also have the BASOC Members page which is a closed group and this is where a lot of the communication activity has been happening recently. To join the BASOC members you have to search for BASOC members on Facebook, then people can send a request to join, and so long as Hilary Q or Gemma recognise their name, they can approve them pronto. 3 or 4 folk have joined in the past week.

Twitter: Walter (aided by Wolfie, who is still learning) has started a Twitter account where he will post updates of how he is getting on and retweet quizzes and map-based activities to keep our minds sharp. Please follow @BASOC_Wolf and tag him in your tweets so he can see what you are up to. At the moment the tweets will also be posted on the Facebook page (Badenoch and Strathspey Orienteering Club page).

Your interaction here will help to make the pages 'alive' and could also have a lot of meaning for others who are reading them. Things do not have to be about orienteering - have a look at what has already been posted up (there was even kitchen cupboard envy last week).

2. Keeping your mind active

There is a future for orienteering out there, we just do not know when it will be. Can you help by doing some work on the computer so we have things ready for when the restrictions become less severe?

Local 5km run: at the moment the BASOC 5km runs do not go from the settlements in the valley. Do you have a 5km run which (almost) goes from your door and you could share on an O map? If so then please get in touch with Hilary Q to discuss this.

MapRun: this is an App which lets you run permanent orienteering courses whenever you want, without a need for physical control points to be in place. Instead, you use either the map on your phone or a paper version and your phone beeps when you reach each control’s location. It works best in urban locations (as while you can plan in Condes, the actual sites have to be visible in Google Earth). There is a lot of advice about how to create a MapRun course on the Scottish Orienteering website, scroll down to 'Smartphone orienteering with MapRun'.
If you are interested in trying to create a course in one of the areas below then please get in touch with Lynne by 31st March.

Please note, these MapRun courses will NOT be available until the "Stay local, Stay at home" restrictions are lifted.

3. Exercising indoors

How is your S & C (Strength & Conditioning) these days? Eva Jurenikova has a series of ideas here, scroll through her Twitter feed and select what suits you! Has anyone been doing the morning sessions which I think are on Youtube? Through the BASOC communication channels mentioned above let us all know what you have found is good to try.

Stay local, stay at home, stay healthy. See you 'on the other side'.

Published by Lynne Walker