Thanks to 6 Day helpers

6 days 2019 Day 3: Beautiful car parking

6 days 2019 Day 3: Beautiful car parking
Credit: Steve Rush

Posted: Sun 4 Aug 2019

Here's a message from Jo (Assistant Organiser) and Tyler (Day Organiser) of Day 3 to everyone who helped out.

A big thanks to everyone from BASOC and other clubs for their contribution to making Day 3 a success. We've had lots of complements on the efficiency of the parking and the farmer was pleased we avoided big ruts.

The bus marshalling and clean up also went well so with everyone's help we were all done and away by 6.30.

Compliments also from ESOC on enjoying working with BASOC.

Here are thanks from Tyler as Day Organiser:

"Hi, I wanted to drop a quick message to all those who were around today helping at Day 3. Thanks to you all in your essential part in running what turned out to be a very successful event run jointly by ESOC/ BASOC. All came back safe and most came back happy, so thank you.

It makes a day organiser's job very easy when everyone gets stuck in, as you all did, managing to deal with problems I never even knew we had. I'm also particularly grateful to our mighty band of "out of Scotland" helpers who volunteered to help on our day - it relieved a lot of pressure, so thank you.

Most of my time in the last few weeks has been spent sorting the weather for today, which I managed to agree late last night - you're welcome.

In all seriousness, I do hope you managed to enjoy your day, have a great run and enjoyed what has to be one of the most scenic and fantastic race arenas I've had the pleasure to be in.

Till next time, Tyler"