Tuesday Orienteering is back...... again

Control on boulder

Control on boulder

Posted: Fri 11 Sep 2020

Our Tuesday training is back, with careful attention to measures to reduce the chance of spreading the Covid-19 virus. Please read and abide by the detail below.

Being an outdoor sport where we disperse across the area is very much in our favour, but the social aspect is important to the club so we want to encourage you to linger and chat a bit before and/or after your run/jog/walk. Talking about your run without sharing sight of your map can actually be a very worthwhile exercise!

In order to be sure we keep within permitted numbers and know who's coming, you will need to pre-register everyone who wants to come to any Tuesday evening session - whether you intend to run or just to socialise. To do this, simply email Hilary Q (direct or via the Contacts page). I will then send you a PDF and you will print your own map. DO NOT JUST TURN UP. Your email must be received no later than 2pm on the Tuesday to which it refers. Do not come if you feel unwell or have any Covid-19 symptoms (well documented elsewhere - but please make sure you are aware of recent findings that a RASH is now considered a possible symptom). Also, do not attend if you have been told to isolate or quarantine. People in higher risk categories should be aware that meeting a group of people does increase the possibility of them becoming infected. We also recommend that if you have a smartphone, you download the Protect Scotland app. A trained Covid Officer will be present at each Tuesday session (usually also as the organiser); their role includes ensuring that everyone behaves as required, so please respect this. We currently have 3 trained Covid Officers (Lynne, Clare, Hilary Q).

The normal start time will be 6:30; please arrive promptly. Please ensure you remain 2m apart from each other and from any members of the public. Touch as little as possible. Bring (and use) hand sanitiser, wash your hands when you get home.

Sessions are open only to club members who live locally (to reduce the likelihood of spread, and to ensure traceability).

While we're not supplying maps, there will be no charge for participation.

All sessions will be registered with British Orienteering, but will not be shown in fixture lists.

Please bring your own "comfort kit" - midge repellent, tick remover, sticking plasters and anything else that you might occasionally borrow from others. First aid will be provided only in extreme circumstances. We are now in the realms of NIGHT ORIENTEERING, so bring your fully charged headtorch.

Out of respect for your clubmates, you must tell me if you become ill or test positive for Covid-19 within a few days of attending a club session, or if you are told you had been in contact with an infected person and could have passed the virus on at a club session.

Though it's geared towards events, participants should read and abide by British Orienteering's Code of Conduct for Participants.

We will watch for changes in rulings and guidance, and adjust our training and social activities accordingly.

Venue information is below. The map PDF will include detail.

November Tuesdays have been planned (by Lynne) to use the MapRun app. Details of what you should download are in this document. You are advised do the orienteering from a printed map even if you are using a phone / watch for the MapRun 'bleeps' but no controls markers will be visible. Booking and communications all still via Hilary Q. Covid Officer: Lynne.