Tuesday training August - December 2021Low-key coaching and training for all members


Credit: Hilary Quick

Posted: Mon 12 Jul 2021

At the time of posting, anyone who intends to come is still required to pre-register, for Covid reasons.

Venues specified are deliberately slightly vague, you will be given detail when you register. You will also be sent the map as a PDF, and you print your own.

Further guidance is expected from SOA shortly, and this page will be amended accordingly then.

As ever, volunteers are invited to plan and run any sessions - preferably a month's worth (which can be in the same venue). Nothing fancy is required, and you can have as much (or as little) mentoring as you wish. It's a great opportunity to learn a bit about planning, and to sharpen up your own orienteering skills!

Venues (detail will be added as it becomes known):

August - Uath Lochans - because it's lovely, and varied so there's something for everyone.

September - we hope to be somewhere towards the northern end of the Strath. Dust off your headtorch and charge it up - you might need it towards the end of the month!

October - oooooh it's now pretty well dark!



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