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Orienteering Calendar, Source:Lynne Walker

What, when, where of Orienteering with BASOC

It can be hard finding out what is happening for orienteering - here is something to help you with this.

16th Mar 18

When you start orienteering in BASOC, it is quite easy as you can come along every Tuesday to something. The main problem can be actually locating where this group of people actually are (so any ideas about how to make this easier are welcome).

However you hear other people talking about 

  • the course I did on Sunday and the mud!
  • the event I'm going to next Sunday at XXX
  • the British Champs at Balmoral
  • the Scottish Champs at Achagour & Dulsie
  • SOLs and SOULs
  • Jamie Stevenson Trophy (JST)

It can be all a bit of a 'dark art' to find out what is going on, is it suitable for me to go to and how can I get better so I feel more confident going to events.

The great thing about orienteering is that anyone, of any skill level, can go to any event. You can go to a 'Local' event (BASOC had one in February on an area called Loch Vaa) or you could go to the British Championships (this is being held at Balmoral on 19th May with relays the next day). There are a couple of things to think about:

  • how do I know what course to enter?
  • can I enter 'at the event' or do I have to 'pre-enter'?
  • where do I find out this information?

The best thing to do is to chat to another club member who can guide you through this.

When and Where?
When are there events? When is there BASOC training? Where are they?
We have produced a calendar of known events for you. If you look at the attached spreadsheet and use the tab '2018 BASOC' you will see everything we know about which might interest all BASOC members. 

  • you can copy this onto a personalised tab 'My O calendar' and add in your own events (and some of these might not be orienteering!)
  • there is an example of a personalised calendar 'Lynne's O Calendar'
  • if you want to develop your orienteering plan, complete the 'Intro' tab and have a chat through this with one of the BASOC coaches.

Download the latest calendar

This calendar will be updated on a monthly basis so check back here for the most recent version.

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