Drying out!, https://www.basoc.org.uk/images/Mullochard_crag_foot.jpg

Northern Night Cup Mullochard

Wed 06th Dec 2017

Type of event: Local Race, Northern Night Cup
Type of terrain: Woodland


Event Report

Thank you for your support at the event this evening, I really appreciated the positive reaction from you all when I asked for help with things. Everyone did what they could - some above and beyond with the collection of the crossing point crates (I know, they were a pain to carry out there!). There was a positive vibe around which was due to the food village & computing being in a small sheltered area and this encouraged competitors to stay around discussing their course (and where they would have won if they had not done X, Y Z).

Results were posted to the website before many had left the car parking area, RouteGadget & Winsplits are also up now, many thanks to Paul.
The equipment is back in the store, except for the NNC stuff which is drying out on the floor, with the help of the underfloor heating!

James did all the liaison with the farmer and this has opened up a cracking wee area for training - I have some unused maps if anyone would like to go round in daylight - and meet the cattle at the same time.

I am really looking forward to competing in the NNC rounds 2 to 6!

Please go to RouteGadget and add the routes you took to controls and look at at what others did. You can upload a GPS track or draw it yourself. It's really easy to do and a great opportunity to learn. Videos on how to draw a route and uloading a GPS track


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Tolquhonie map, https://www.basoc.org.uk/images/Route_to_start.jpg

BASOC AGM - Carrbridge

Sat 25th Nov 2017

Type of event: Score, Social, Training
Type of terrain: Forest


Event Report

This was a fun training session prior to the AGM. The Roxburgh Reivers were not part of the mass start and so I have used their clear time as their start time. This may not be accurate but is the best guess.

People were given a specific target number of controls to visit within a 45 minute period. No penalties have been applied for late finishing.

Adrian Hope was the first to finish having visited his target number of 6 controls.

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Farletter Crags

Tue 10th Oct 2017

Type of event: Coaching, Night, Tue=O
Type of terrain:


Results will be here when published.

DISTANCE JUDGEMENT around Farletter Crags

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Attack points

Tue 03rd Oct 2017

Type of event: Coaching, Night, Training, Tue=O
Type of terrain:


Results will be here when published.

Playing with ATTACK POINTS in Inshriach.

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